Minisampler Locked [Solution Found by CJ_Monster]

Anyone else having problems with Minisampler?

I have tried adding audio samples into Minisampler, I have done this dozens of times successfully in the past, but now all the keys are coloured and empty and I am prevented from adding samples.
This is the first time I have tried to add a new preset in the sampler since updating to v3.6.

I have closed all apps and rebooted my iPad Air 4.
I have opened a new empty project in Cubasis 3 and launched Minisampler.
I created a new preset in My Presets and tapped Edit.
The photo shows the result of the above actions.

My workaround to the locked MiniSampler:

I have found that if I go into Files/Cubasis3/Intsruments/MiniSampler/My Presets, I can duplicate any one of my older existing presets created before the 3.6 update, rename it, launch Cubasis/select MiniSampler, select renamed duplicate, tap EDIT and delete the contents one by one, then add new samples👍
It is still not possible to make a new preset by tapping +NEW INSTRUMENT. :thinking:

To anyone reading this -
I would be very grateful for any Cubasis 3 user to open MiniSampler inside Cubasis 3 and select + NEW INSTRUMENT, just name it TEST then tap EDIT on the MiniSampler screen that opens and check if the keyboard is white or coloured, if it is coloured then you have the same “locked out” problem, but if the keys are white then it is my problem.
Either way I would appreciate any feedback

You can delete the TEST instrument by opening FILES/CUBASIS3/INSTRUMENTS/MINISAMPLER/MY PRESETS, tap SELECT (top right of screen) tap TEST.cbi followed by DELETE (bottom right of screen)
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Initially it looks like that for me too…

…but I can select a key and either record or import a sample from the mediabay so other than the bit more ‘colorful’ default view it works just like it used to work?!
(11" M1 iPadPro, iPadOS17.2).

To clear the ‘colorful’ stuff that the delete in the top right corner…

But I do agree this ‘behavior’ is not cool and @LSlowak and his team should have a look at it…

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And while I’m on the topic of the Mini Sampler I do hope to see an option to ‘preview/play’ the area between L & R so I can preview the sample before I crop it…

…instead of always playing the entire file…

Hopefully we’ll see a drastically improved Cubasis sampler during 2024…
…but only @LSlowak and his highly efficient team knows what’s cooking…


Hi Samuel,
Thanks for trying it out for me, but unfortunately I still can’t drop samples onto any of the coloured keys and I can’t delete these colours as there is nothing in the editor.

When you set the left and right locators, tap the play on the lower left, this will play between the locators.
Many thanks.

I have just opened a pre-3.6 update preset and as you can see there are loads of spare white keys that I can add samples to, but this is not possible as a new preset. Yes, I think this is something for Lars team

Lars been m.i.a this whole week :face_in_clouds::face_in_clouds::face_in_clouds:

Yes I know, hopefully he is well, there is so many viruses circulating at the moment, and as you put up a photo on my MiniSampler Locked page - our MS has a virus too lol

Mike… i tried drag n dropping and nothing was assigned
But if you press the key where you want the samplen and double click the sample, all the colors on the keyboard dissappear and the sample i assigned to the chosen key.

And then you can drag n drop samples to other keys…
It seems you need the first time (when creating a new instrument) to double click the chosen sample instead of dragging for minisampler to really go into edit mode.

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What can I say except a massive big THANK YOU, I never thought of that, it works perfectly that way :slightly_smiling_face:
Happy 2024 BTW :beers:

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There’s more quirkiness going on (since the day the Mini-Sampler was introduced). Even though Sample-Rate/Bit-Depth is set to 48k/24-bit the Mini-Sampler records samples at 44.1k/16-bit and also converts all imported samples to 44.1k/16-bit.

Oh well, it is what it is…

What I find difficult with MiniSampler is setting a suitable looping point, I always can hear the join, Kontakt sampler on Cubase can do this task much easier, but as you wrote above “ Hopefully we’ll see a drastically improved Cubasis sampler during 2024…”
Happy New Year to you BTW :beers:

Maybe they should make a halion sampler :smiling_face: halion 7 mobile :partying_face:

Yes and maybe even add the Cubase Sampler Track to Cubasis :slight_smile:

That would be something, and hopefully with the possibility of adding our own key switches :slightly_smiling_face: