(Minor) Cubase 12 mixer rendering/UI bug

Hi, I noticed a (minor) rendering/UI bug in the Cubase 12 mixer. I’m not 100% sure it’s unique to Cubase 12, but I never noticed it before in my Cubase 11 installation, so perhaps it’s more prominent in 12. Either way, here it is:

When I first open a project that has the mixer window open, there is a gray, non-functional scroll bar at the bottom of the mixer, and the mixer channel colors are muted, as you can see in this screenshot:

All I need to do is click on one of the channel width buttons, and that will fix the issue, and the mixer channels render correctly in the UI (and the gray scroll bar goes away), as is apparent in this screenshot:

Really just a little annoying, but it’s these little quality-of-life bugs that you see every day that can chip away at product satisfaction :slight_smile:

Same here. Cubase Elements 12, Windows 10.
It doesn’t happen in Cubase 11.

Ah, thanks for confirming that this is a Cubase 12 specific bug, I didn’t recall seeing this before in my Cubase 11 install. FWIW, this is on a Windows 11 machine with the built-in Alder Lake GPU.

Still happening in Cubase 12.0.40.

@steve @Martin.Jirsak Have you guys ever seen this minor UI issue?
Start a new project, create a few tracks, open up the mixer window, and you may see this ‘ghost’ non functional scrollbar hiding part of the track labels. It disappears if you press G or H to change the width of the channels, but it will return if you close and open up the mixer again. It will be gone completely once you create enough tracks to make the real functional scrollbar appears.

Also, It doesn’t happen if the visibility tab is open in the mixer.

I’m using a 1920x1080 24" monitor, Nvidia graphics card.

You should consider adding it it to the issues wiki and reporting it to the support (don’t forget to send them screenshots/videos and a link to the forums).

Good idea. I’ll send a link to this thread to Support, since it already includes screenshots and repro steps (and 3rd party verification).

I didn’t know about the issues wiki, what/where is it, and how do I add things to it?

Oh, the link is on my profile :wink:

That’s a nice work, thank you.

But honestly, do they even care?

That was my thought as well - beautiful wiki, but does it connect into the backlog ingest pipeline for the Steinberg product management/engineering team? It’s not a criticism, it’s a genuine question :slight_smile:

@Giovanni_Buchelli @Timo00
It only helps us forum users to keep track of the issues :wink:
The only way to get them validated is to open tickets on the support and receive a CAN number in return.

I sent this bug report to Steinberg Support, and they got back to me saying they couldn’t reproduce this. I can reliably reproduce this, so I sent them the repro steps, and thought I’d share those steps with this thread as well for posterity:

  1. Create a new, empty project in Cubase 12
  2. Add a bunch of empty [audio] tracks (in my case, 15 audio tracks)
  3. Adjust the channel width in the mix console window such that the channel faders fill the screen without needing a scroll bar, and without leaving empty/unused space (in my case, channel fader width of 17)
  4. Save the project and close it
  5. Re-open the project, and that “ghost” scroll bar will show up in the mix console window (it won’t show up until you close, and then re-open the project)

Here’s a screenshot of what the mix console window will look like after reopening the project with the “ghost” scroll bar at the bottom:

I’m having the same issue with Cubase 12.0.40. This can be solved when I change the number of faders(horizontal) but it’s a bit annoying. By the way, I’m using Radeon RX6600XT(Window size: 1920x1080) under Windows 10.

Perhaps you can share some infos on scaling/resolution?

I’m running at 3840 × 2160 (4K UHD) on Windows 11.

Cubase HiDPI is turned on, Windows scaling is set to 150%, and Cubase application scaling is set to use the system setting.

This visual bug is still there in Cubase 12.0.50.

Yup, noticed that too.