Minor Cubase 12 updates mess up Windows Recent Files List & Cubase Pinned state

After both the Cubase 12.0.10 & 12.0.20 Minor Updates the Windows Recent File List (not the internal Cubase List) was totally cleared out. This behavior is new with version 12. Prior to that the Windows Recent File List was maintained across Minor Version Updates - although the list always starts off blank for Major Version Installations (as it should).

Also I keep Cubase pinned to the Windows Taskbar. After both of these Minor Version updates Cubase became unpinned from the Taskbar. Prior to Cubase 12 the icon remained pinned to the Taskbar across Minor Version Updates.


Do you have some preferences customised? Did it remain or did you get the factory settings?

My custom Preferences migrated just fine.

I think this is something that occurs within Windows during the installation. Iā€™d expect the issue is a result of a change in the Windows Installer rather than Cubase itself.

I have this since Cubase 11 already:

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