Miroslav Philharmonic 2 and Cubase expression maps problem

I’m trying to use IK Multimedia’s Miroslav Philharmonik 2 VST with Cubase expression maps. The articulations in the VST instrument are switched using keyswitches. So I put together a map for one of the instruments (Viola) and I’m trying it on a MIDI track that switches between various articulations.

The problem I’m having is that the the articulations are not switching on time. For example, if I have 2 staccato notes followed by 2 tremolo notes, I’m hearing 3 staccato notes followed by 1 tremolo note. Basically, the tremolo keyswitch arrives too late to switch the sound.

Without using expression maps, the solution is simple, just put the keyswitch note slightly ahead of the real note in the piano roll. But I want to use expression map because it’s so much more convenient. Did anybody run into a similar issue with any keyswitched instruments? Is there a setting that I’m missing that forces the keyswitch note from expression map to be sent slightly ahead?

Any takers here?

There is no setting that I know to change the timing of sent articulations with respect to note starts.

Some screenshots of your Expression Maps settings and your Key Editor articulations lane may probably help, unless the problem is due to the VST plugin.

(Another workaround in your case is to define your articulations as Directions instead of Attributes in Expression Maps settings. But this is just a workaround)

As an alternative, you can also load the Miroslav 2 Programs into the Sampletank 4 engine. Then the articulations work without a delay, I just tried that out.


With the Miroslav 2 - own engine, which is based on Sampletank 2, the described behaviorhere here also occurs.

Thank you!!! I had just written on another post about the same problem! And in this I found an excellent answer!

I had asked here:

Hi Maestro. Below are a few screenshots of my expression map as well as key editor. I’m basically playing a C major scale and setting different articulations on different notes. In general, each articulation is switched one note too late. For example, last C note is played as tremolo, but the B note prior to it is played as staccato.

P.A.T., you’re right! When loaded through Sample Tank VST, the expression map works fine. I suppose this proves that the bug is specifically with Miroslav Philharmonik VST.

I’m not very familiar with Sample Tank. It came together with Miroslav, so I just went along with its installation. Before I embark on a giant conversion of my current project from Miroslav to SampleTank, are there any drawbacks you can think of to using this VST?

@jeff367 , I don’t see any drawbacks when switching from the Miroslav 2 plugin to Sampeltank. It’s the same audio engine with the same functionalities. Miroslav 2 is actually just a special version of Sampeltank 3 with its own GUI. You can see this clearly when you see both plugins side by side .

In the meantime, however, we have Sampletank version 4, and there are some changes compared to ST3 in terms of handling. But anyone who is familiar with ST3 / Miro2 should quickly find the workflow with ST4 .