Missing files Groove Agent SE after update and/or installing packages

Good afternoon,

a couple of days ago I updated Cubase 10 pro to 10.0.30 and installed some GASE related packages. After that, after launching Cubase it appears that the file


is missing. I searched in the whole disk and I can’t find it. If I open a project and then create an instrument track with Groove Agent, now I get a message saying that


is missing, too. I launched Cubase 10 setup file to reinstall GASE and its packages and launched Cubase updates to update the packages, too. In each step of this verification the files were allways missing.

Do you know please how can I solve that? I have searched in the forum and found ld threads with similar issues, but without solution.

Thank you.


I have a similar problem which happened when upgrading from 10.0.20 to 10.0.30.
Cubase complaints about that it cannot find Groove Agent Acoustic Studio Kit when starting and points out the file FCP_SMT_152_GASE_Acoustic_Studio_Kit.vstsound is missing.

I have a support ticket for this and the suggestion is to uninstall everyting and make a clean full installation, since Cubase is confused about folders.
They tell me that In Cubase 10, the files should be installed under “ProgramData”, not AppData, which is where Cubase now says that it tries to find it on my computer.
In my case I think this is the case because I first had Cubase 9.5 and then installed Cubase 10.0.20. That worked fine, but maybe it confuses things, since 9.5 is still installed (and now also complaints about the file…).

Did you find any solution? Good to know before I uninstall everything…

I have a similar problem. at startup Cubase 10 I get many error messages about missing files. Initially, “only” 4-5 were missing at startup. I found HALion as well installed on my computer.
as well as HALion 3 SE which I downloaded via Steinberg downloads. I need to know which VST samples are included and should be in Cubase 10. The same with Groove Agent drum kits. I chose to uninstall Cubase 10 and removed all files belonging to Cubase 10. Installed everything from scratch. After installation they got worse then all VST plugins were missing which should be included in the installation. Have tried through videos on YOUTUBE to find any solution without results. I have WIN10 64 bits . Any idea what to do to solve my issue?

I have bought Cubase Elements 10 but do not get the program to work fully.
I have also bought Cubase LE 10. Everything is registered with you with user ID
In the VSTi group there are no tracks I can use.
What is included in the purchase of Cubase Elements 10? If there are any VST plugins I would be grateful for which.
I have tried to get information about this but not succeeded.
For example:
Create a loop. I can’t do this.
I have External sound card “Foursite” and works great.
I have in addition to vocal mic a Guitar and Synth.
Guitar and Synth work in Cubase but it is not possible to record anything or do anything else.


no, I still have not a solution. I wonder if uninstalling and reinstalling all will be a solution, reading what nalleman has posted. Does this suggestion include to reinstall all related plugins, too? I have Addictive Drums and Keys, Jamstix, Bias Amp and FX and so on. It would be a looooot of work.

i have the same problem, steinberg please a solution!

Im mad about Cubase. I have reinstall Cubase 3 times and did not solve my issue. It started with missing files and had 3 VST files .
In that time i ask support many VST include in Cubase 0. They did,t reply .
Second reinstall did i install on my second harddisk. This time was it better but still missing files. Halloin 3 se, Groove Agent SE. Checked Steinberg libary and i think most of the VST was there.
1.HALLoin Sonic Factory
2. Groove Agent Factory Content, Laser Beams,Raw Power,The Kit.se.
3.Vintage Verb Collection. Did ask the support by email how many VST includes and they answer with a You Tube file.
Thoose VST was there but can’t reach them from Cubase prog

Third time i did reinstall the Cubase10 (new download ) did delete everything in my computer and did reinstall everything from Zero.

The result is fuckin crazy i got none VST. Did ask support by email to solve this but they just sends link to Youtube files.
And yes i have seen the tutorial the videos they send.
I cant use Cubase 10 , just thinking about throw it in my trash.
Im not an expert but some support from Steinberg would make me fell better.
If there is anyone who can help me im more then happy and grateful

Did reinstall Cubase 10 and got same issue. Lack for all VSTi . There is icon’s on Media tab but i cant open anyone .
I have Cubase 10 and Cubase 10 LE . Guess LE stands for Light Edition.
Unresolved question is what is included in Cubase 10 or Cubase 10 LE.
Because I miss most things you can start to wonder

A quick update from my side:
I did an uninstall of Cubase 10 (still keeping my old Cubase 9.5). I made it in steps. First I run the 10.0.30 setup to uninstall each component. Some failed but succeeded running uninstall a second time.
Then I downloaded the full 10.0.30 installer from Download Assistant. I unzipped to a folder C:\cubaseinstaller to avoid too long names in the path to the files, which might be a problem from a download folder.

The installation went fine, but when starting Cubase I got the same kind of error message again. This time for the file AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\FCP_SMT_146_GA_Studio_Kit_Eco.vstsound

Now I saw that this file actually was installed in C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\Groove Agent\VST Sound so I clicked on Locate and pointed out the file. (I now see that a shortcut was created in the AppData folder pointing to the file in ProgramData).

After this Cubase started as it should, and it looks like it works.
However I see that FCP_SMT_152_GASE_Acoustic_Studio_Kit.vstsound is not among the installed files, so I’m not sure that the installation for Groove Agent is complete. The files I find in C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\Groove Agent\VST Sound are:

I have asked the support if this is correct and wait for an answer.

When it comes to other things than Groove Agent:
Except for the ones existing in Cubase, I only have one other VSTI installed on my PC, and that one still turned up without problem in Cubase 10. And the 8 VSTI included in Cubase are also there. The only thing I was missing was that my project templates in Cubase 9.5 were not copied to Cubase 10, but I could copy the files manually.

Now I have received answer from Cubase support that my reinstallation looks fine.
And I found the “missing” file FCP_SMT_152_GASE_Acoustic_Studio_Kit.vstsound installed in
C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound

So I think everything is fine for my installation now.

Hello sundqjan for your detailed explanation. The two files that you mention are exactly the same that are missing in my system. But I can not find them in the alternative folders that you did. I believe these files were installed in these folders in your system only after you did the full installarion with the Cubase 10.0.30 installer. I guess I must do the same. Until I understand, you uninstalled only Cubase files and the external VST you left untouched.

Little detail only, for the full 10.0.30 installer I must download a 21.13 GB file.

I will report here the result.

Let me chime in here.

First off, do you have the Steinberg Library installed? You NEED this installed. From this App, the Steinberg Library, you can find and direct Cubase to all of your Sound Files - AND - you are going on about finding and storing your sound files in App Data, etc.? YOU DON’'T HAVE TO STORE YOUR SOUND FILES HERE - YOU CAN STORE THEM ANYWHERE ON YOUR DAW. Think about it, your Sound Files are typically 28G. Why would you want to bog down your C Drive with Sound Files? Reserve it for Programs. This is one benefit of the Steinberg Library, not to mention it’s listing of all your VST instruments and their individual VST Sound files.

Install the Steinberg Library and then create a VST Sound folder on a different HD. Then copy ALL your VST Sound files to it. After you’ve done this, open the Steinberg Library. From here you can direct it to your new storage folder. Once you’re satisfied everything is there, you can go back and DELETE all other folders containing sound files. (If you’re nervous, just rename this folder so the files can’t be found, and then go back and delete it after you’ve established the new storage path.)

As you open an old Project, and the files you need aren’t found, you can direct a search to the new VST Sound folder you created. You might/will have to do this for every Project you have saved with the old VST Sound path, but all NEW Projects will draw from the Steinberg Library’s location.

Hello again sundqjan:

I uninstalled the files using the 10.0.30 updater (like you, in the second round were all gone), with exception of the main application Cubase. Then I copied the full Cubase 10.0.30 installer (circa 20GB) to a folder C:\cubase_inst and used it to install all again (without uninstalling all my external VTS and VSTi). The missing files of Groove Agent are now in the same folders that you have in your system. Here Cubase found them automatically, so all ran flawless. And not only that: before, when I clicked on GA -load kit and then -All Instrument Sets, all images of my sets were covered by a shadow. Now I can see all images of my installed GA Instrument sets.

Thank you for posting your experience!

And mr.roos: I must confess that I didn’t know about the Steinberg Library. Indeed, it is installed in my system and I can see clearly where all files are installed in my system. I noted that they can be moved, too. Thank you.


Hello again mr.roos:

I haven’t tried yet, but in my S Library I can see a “move” button. I guess with it one could just move the files, without worring about copying and then redirect and delete.

I am not sure about this, that ‘moving’ the file will actually move the file and not simply copy it and leave the old file where it was? You may have found an easier way to do what I have done - but I’m sorted in my path so I don’t even want to try this. But you should try this!

BTW, in my case, once I established the new Sound file location, when I install a new plugin with sound data I just send those files to the main Sound storage file (that I created) at the moment of install, no need to move them.

Just updated as well and have a similar lost file FCP_SMT_152_GASE_Acoustic_Studio_Kit in content :confused:

You can follow the steps that sundqjan did on Aug 12. Or what I did. But you will need the full installer file.


Wow steinberg, get some QA on your installer team please. You know that test where you install the product your customers install and launch it on a clean machine and see if it launches?

That’s what I do for a living. Maybe you should hire someone?

Hi all,
I’m new in the forum and I have similar problem loading instruments sounds in Groove agent se 5 in cubase 10
Everytime I try to load a sample from Beat agent kit I have the missing samples error and the search tools don’t help to locate.
This happens only with the Beat agent Kit, did you have any suggestions to solve the problem?
The only mistake I made this day is to install and then remove groove agent 5 (not the SE) thinking it was an update with license… so now I also don’t know if the beat agent kit is an original tool of groove agent SE.
I’m sorry if this is not the right place for my questions but I can’t open a new post with my account.