Missing halon Symphonic Orchestra Factory Presets 01

Hi Matthias
I just have bought Pro 11 and I have got a message about missing halon Symphonic Orchestra Factory Presets 01. Does this version of Cubase include it or I have to buy this presets 01? If it includes so what to do with an activation?
Thank you


No, Cubase license doesn’t include HALion Symphonic Orchestra library. Remove the library by using Steinberg Library manager, please.

Thank you.

Halion Sonyic SE is it the same or different from Halion Symphonic Orchestra?

Hi galinagitika

Halion Symphonic Orchestra is a sample library

Halion Sonic SE is the ‘player’

it runs INSIDE Halion/Halion Sonic…it’s not ‘the same’

Symphonic Orchestra is a separate purchase/licence

FYI, it is 50% off until january 20th



It contains a basic library though. But not the HALion Symphonic Orchestra library.