Missing Menu Bar in C7

Well, the title says it all.
Opening Cubase 7 the menu bar appears, but once I created a proyect, it`s gone.
It sometimes appear, when I move the mouse up, to where the finder uses to be.
Any ideas?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Same problem here.
Any way to disable this feature?

Same problem here, no file menu at all. Have to close from the dock or force quit.

It was there on first launch, now it’s gone. This has got to be a bug…

same problem here 10.6.8 everything else looks good

Got a pic of the problem? I havent had a single issue on 10.8.2. Not that I know of yet mind you!

here you go on top there is no menu bar
Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 1.54.02 AM.png

10.6.8 here also. Relaunched multiple times, no menu. Relaunched again, and there it is…

The default mode after installation is 32 bit. Try launching in 64 bit mode and see if it makes a difference.

I just launched in 64 bit mode and the menu is there as well now.

I’ve this problem too… :frowning:

Well there’s your problem. 10.6.x is not supported by Cubase 7, minimum requirement is 10.7.x, which makes sense, because a TON has changed in the way 10.7.x draws app UIs vs 10.6.x.


I’m on 10.8.2 and C7 is working flawlessly.

It’s because you’re on Snow Leopard. Cubase 7’s minimum requirement is Lion. Lion introduced a lot of changes in the way apps draw their UIs, and C7 uses those new mechanisms. There’s a reason Steinberg put 10.7.x as the minimum required OS X version for C7.

Aloha guys

@ siraltus.

Good catch!
Breathing a sigh of relief here.


Glad I could help. I write software documentation for a living and half the support calls we get is because people did not bother reading our software’s installation prerequisites. This case is no different.

Oh this sucks. I had a response from Steinberg saying C7 will install on Snow Leopard, but is not supported. What they didn’t say was ‘neither will there be a menu bar’.

So now I’m forced to update to 10.7 or 10.8 and update my UAD-1s to UAD-2s and a cost of around £500.


Well if money is such an issue, you could just stay on 6.5…

Well I’ve already laid out for C7!!!

It is not the case that the menu bar disappear all the time. From what I have noticed, that problem appear when something went into full screen mode (mixer/ Hub) which of course can be avoided. At least that does for me the trick.

Thanks Oracle. Yes, I have menu back :slight_smile:

I do, however, have major graphic issue when switching between screen sets. I’m guessing this could be related to the OS once again.

Is there a way to buy the update for 10.7?

Cause, as we know there’s some ‘problems’ with sample rate on 10.8.2

‘Hardware: switching the sample rate
Under OS X 10.8 it is not possible to switch the sample rate. This issue occurs with all audio hardware interfaces, including the Steinberg CI, MR and UR series.’

I don’t recall and can’t find anywhere that the Menu Bar should be optionally hidden from view.

Occasionally, (very occasionally) it will reappear when I hover at the top of my main screen, but it’s so random and slow that my workflow is completely stuffed when I want to adjust the freakin’ buffer size when I go from recording to editing duties.

This is heart-wrenchingly tedious, totally distracting to the point of utterly frustrating at the extreme point.

I want that undocumented feature disabled, now!

It’s not in my Preferences that I can find and it was never in any previous versions.

I’m on a Mac tower and have two screens.

Does anyone know how this can be disabled?