Missing notes

Hello! I have a problem with Dorico that some notes don´t play. You can´t hear them when you play them, but if you touch the notes with the mouse, both in play mode and write mode, then you here them. But when you are playing the song, it is silent. In play mode the notes I can´t here are not marked with normal in playing techniques. That perhaps the problem, but how do I change that. The notes I can´t here are random notes in some parts. Most of the notes are working. I wonder if someone knew the solution to this problem?

Can you please attach a minimal example that reproduces the problem? Then we’ll be able to help you.

I have a couple of files to send, but I can not get it over to you. I have tried to export it from Dorico. And I have tried to save it on my computer and then sending it to you. But whatever I try they say that it is the wrong extension. But I am sending the Dorico file with.dorico as an extension. There is no problem to save these files on the computer and then open them, but I can not get them to you.

Compress the project into a .zip file, and then attach that .zip file here.

I´m sending you two files. One who has the missing notes. The missing notes occur in different staff and at random. They worked when I wrote them, but not now. It doesn´t help to delete the notes and then write them again. They are silent at the same place. But then I tried to copy this little part into a new project and then all the notes works. What has happened with the original notes? But it doesn´t help to save a new copy of the piece (save as), then the missing notes are there again. I hope you know what this is. The second file is the one that I copied into a new project.
Yours sincerely lgcello
missing notes.zip (1.23 MB)

It looks like you’ve adjusted every note in Play mode. In Write mode, select all with Command-A (Mac) or Ctrl+A (Windows), then switch to Play mode and choose Play > Reset Playback Overrides.

I have tried to Reset Playback Overrides, but the missing notes are still missing. And even if I delete the notes and write anything else in the bars, so are the notes silent. All other files works, so something has happened with this file. Have you any idea?

I have the same problem since 3.5. This is a minimal example where I removed all notes except for measures 237-240 in the first violin. When I start playback in 237, all notes in 237 and the first note of 238 do not play back on my machine.
kwartet 2 in Bes copy.dorico.zip (663 KB)

In your case, Maarten, I think the problem may be related to the repeat structure causing something to get out of step. If you disable repeats playback in Playback Options, do you find that those notes sound as you expect?

igcello, can you try doing Play > Playback Template, choosing the default ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback template, and clicking Apply, then trying to play back your ‘Alto Flute Missing Notes’ file? I find it plays back as expected, with all notes sounding. I wonder whether the issue is that whatever you’ve set to play back your music doesn’t have the full alto flute range?

Thank you for your reply. (I’m sorry to crash lgcello’s thread with apparently a different problem.) If I remove the repeat structure, the notes are played back as expected.

Thanks for the help. I tried this and now all the notes are sounding. But when I try it with the Vienna sound, the notes disappear again. You should think that Vienna could play the full range of the instruments. But HSSE+HSO(Pro) could play them.
Thanks again!

igcello, we can only conclude that the sound you have chosen from Vienna doesn’t cover the whole range, so you need to choose a different sound.

I’ll need to ask Paul to look into this further. We’ve fixed a number of bugs related to the playback of playing technique changes in scores with repeat structures recently, but this must be a subtle variation that we’ve not seen before. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you. I could provide more examples of these missing notes in 3.5 if that’s helpful.

If someone has a workaround for this for the time being, I would be very grateful.

For information. My problem with the missing notes was not the range of the instrument. I did a new installation of Vienna and then all the notes work again.

Hello there! I have the same problem of missing notes caused by repeat structures. I believe this is the case because the problem goes away if I disable repeats in playback options… Strangely, the exact same file worked fine in the previous version of Dorico. After updating to 3.5, there were some notes missing here and there. I hope that my feedback helps the team fix this small issue.

Thank you!

For safety it’s probably a good idea if you attach a project that reproduces the problem, VanDariu, just to make sure we have all possible cases buttoned up. Thanks!

There is one particular issue we’re aware of if you have a sfz inside a repeat section, but as Daniel says, it’s good for us to see a file that shows the problem so we can verify the fix.

@PaulWalmsley: I see that in my example (posted above) the problem is also solved when I delete the sforzando. Just so you know there is still another problem though:

When activating the ‘suppress playback’ property of the offending sfz (instead of deleting it), something strange happens: It still affects the volume (CC11). Please see the attached screenshot. The dynamic changes from ff to mf because of sfz.