Missing ReWire Devices

I am just trying to set up and use ReWire for the first time only to find I dont have any ReWire Devices listed in the Devices menu. I searched my hard drive for the ReWire plug-in/extension and found identical folders in the following locations:

/Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software (root level library)
~/Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software (user level library)
(see the attached screenshot for directory contents)
Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 3.47.01 PM.png
There is also copies of the ReWire shared library in both locations above which I would assume is the main software to operate ReWire. Is having both of these copies causing a conflict, if so what is the correct location and heirarchy of the folders.

Is there some other element I would be missing, I see nothing relating to ReWire in any of the Steinberg folders.

What am I missing to get ReWire working, short of reinstalling both apps.

MacOSX 10.6.8
Cubase Artist 6.5.0 32bit
Reason 4.0.1


no love on the ReWire help. I’m dying here. Going to bite the bullet and waste some time reinstalling.