"Missing sound archive" *.tg3c

Hi, was wondering if anyone has a tip: I’ve installed C13 Pro + Absolute 6 on three different PCs and on one of them I get the following error message:

After digging a bit, I found this is (or part of it is) the “5150” Electric guitar sound in HALion Sonic. I can find it in the patch list on 2 PCs, but not on the 3rd one. I also re-installed the Halion sound set, but am not sure where that file is actually stored - I cannot seem to find any *.tg3c files.

I do know that this one problematic PC has a much stricter security policy, which is my best guess why it doesn’t work - but I cannot understand why then the rest of the patches works normally. Do you know where that strange file is supposed to be? I could then copy it manually to another folder. All VST libraries are already in an unrestricted-access folder.

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Might actually be a Cubase 13 problem, this new discussion hits quite close: Halion Sonic 7.0.20 missing programs
Maybe a combination of something new in C13 and some Windows oddities.

Edit: After some more trying, it seems starting C13 as Administrator fixes this (causes other error messages but the libraries are found). Well, I’ll test around some more. Luckily my main music PCs are the other two!

HI My missing Programs in Cubase12 Halion 7. was cleared by upgrading to Cubas13, initially Halion7 loaded in 12 without many on the programs, then it suddenly populated with all my programs, I then opened 13 Halion7 looked the same as 12 missing programs, then as with 12 Halion7 populated all my programs, We the two guys helping have no real idea as to why both 12 and 13 now back to as they should be, sorry I don’t have a definitive answer, I’m still waiting for Steinberg to contact, I think they leave it and hope it goes away

Definitely Cubase 13 - been used to it going smoothly - but would recommend reverting to Cubase 12 until they sort out a few glitches

On my problematic Windows 11 laptop I now fixed most of the issues by adding authorizations to all the folders I found that have something to do with Cubase or VSTs (e.g. Documents\VST3 Presets, but there’s plenty more). It seems many of these folders default to limited access after installation.