Mix knob for each insert

Hi, I somehow thought this feature would just show up. Generally I think that having a Mix knob for every insert (like in FL Studio) would be a huge improvement.
Right now we have to rely on the plugin itself having a mix knob. But if it was a software feature it could really be awesome and save on creating Sends where you don’t really have to.

Also, bonus, having a mid/side option so that the loaded insert would affect lets say the sides 70% more than the mid, etc.

Hope this feature will get in :slight_smile:


doubt this will ever happen, as it wouldn’t be backwards compatible.

Secondly, most plugins have their own internal mix, and if they don’t you can use a VST wrapper that has the feature.


I miss this feature after I made the jump from FL Studio to Cubase.

imo and many others, it’s not professional organizational workflow. Dry / Wet balances should be done on faders not mini-knobs.

It’s just not what Cubase is or does, Cubase is about organization.

Sure it can be backwards compatible…

All old track simply start with 100%wet as default… samesame…:wink:

That’s not backwards compatible. If one person has Cubase 12 with inserts at %50mix and they send it to someone with Cubase 11, the mix will be thrown out of wack because the person with Cubase 11 won’t have wet/dry knobs on their inserts.

But it’s besides the fact, it’s nonsensical workflow and signal topology.

Well, if someone uses a squasher plugin or freq pluin , or ara in current track, how do you suppose that is backwards compatible?

Forwards compatibility is more important than backwards anyway.

Definitely valid musical workflow and not nonsensical as you put it… maybe you are not seeing the value of it or have no use for it. It would be a very welcome addition…

but what do i know eh? ive only been doing this for 23 years or so…

Definate +1.

No having, a bunch of dry / wet mix knobs scattered across 16 inserts across 200-1000 tracks is not musical. If you wouldn’t do it on a project that size, why would you do it on a project any size if it’s beneficial?

It’s counter intuitive to doing proper gain-staging and gain management, it makes diagnosing problems more difficult, it puts gain variables in both visually and physically unobtainable place, it lacks organizational labeling and a track picture, most plugins in which you would use in a dry/mix scenario already have a dry/mix control which you can assign to quick controls and any plugin that doesn’t have a dry/mix control should probably be put on a different wet channel.

Nothing is more musical than faders. If you absolutely need this workflow for sound-design or something, use something like Blue Cat’s PatchWork.

I do - not - want my Cubase clients sending me their projects with mix/dry knobs scattered all over.

Just because you cannot (or dont want to) imagine an elegant solution doesn‘t mean that there isnt one…

How many people here use 1000 tracks? Bwhahaha😂 you are just being unrealistic here…

Maybe there can be a visibility option somewhere?
All it needs is one little circle with linear contol… not bigger than the little e button when hovering over the insert… or, add it to the plugin container - you know, when you open a plugin, there are many buttons on top- maybe put it where that useless photo camera icon is that is oh so useful every session…

If you dont want your clients to use a certain effect, then tell them… do not try to limit musical ideas/ workflows of others just because you dont feel it wouldn‘t work for you… why would they send you full projects anyway?

Im not even gonna argue with you… lol…

Try spending more time looking at what you would like instead of what you wouldn’t like?:wink:

Lots of people here have 1000 tracks.

I’m a pretty open minded person, when it comes to musical ideas and workflows, but you’re looking at it wrong. Cubase is something that organizes ideas and workflows - you don’t want it to become overly clustered and cluttered and scattered… in some regards, it already is that just by the sheer amount of organizational features - but it definitely doesn’t need to be more cluttered.

It also doesn’t resemble anything in the analog world in terms of console workflows. I haven’t seen too many dry /wet mix inserts. Just put it on another channel or use the sends in pre mode. That actually gives you more options in the long run, as you can add inserts to each wet effect.

just use the channels and sends, and groups, you have unlimited. it’s digital. you can have as much as you want.

There was a time when there was no reverb, no compressor, no ara, whatever… thats no valid reason…
1000 tracks? Maybe 1% of the userbase? - who have massive cpu farms etc? Lol… not a good reason for anything…

Since you are so open minded - which is lovely btw;)… how about this proposition:

Would you agree to this if your workflow would not be affected by it whatsoever?
Just a little dry/wet control on the plugin container?

P.s. i have needed this feature maaaany times in the past, so i would certainly welcome it…
(I am aware of all the workarounds btw - i prefer direct control -of whatever) :wink:

Why? the only plugins that don’t have dry/wet are EQs and some compressors, of which most compressors also have dry/wet. How many times do you need dry/wet for EQ?

Think of it like this, Cubase is your studio point to point wiring and console. You put modular synths, effects, instruments, and specialty routers - all things that have dry/wet mix knobs, and you put them in your studio and network into the console.

There’s no reason for it, and it encourages bad, lazy, unorganized workflow which is how I feel working in FL/Abelton/etc. Somethings shouldn’t change - like always wrapping your cables and proper signal flow/topology.


if there’s a feature request that makes sense, it’s to be able to save ‘favourite quick controls’ so that they always load to the first available quick control as soon as you load the plug. that way you could save all the dry/wet controls in each plugin as favourite quick controls so they always available. that’s the best compromise I can make.

Can i get a +1 from you, lovegames?

  • can you answer my questions please?


Would you agree to this if your workflow would not be affected by it whatsoever?
Just a little dry/wet control on the plugin container?

no. If I get a project where someone has set your wrapper dry/wet mix to %70 and the plugins internal dry/wet mix to %30 I’m going to lose my 5h!t

Youve already lost it mate…lol

End of discussion on my part…