Mix off anyone?


I’ve always thought it would be interesting and fun to share our tracks for mixing. If anyone fancies it I would get the ball rolling and post the raw files for a song of mine.



Great that there is some interest. :sunglasses: I have started a thread in the ‘Made With Cubase’ section


Occasionally I here a nice tune posted here that I feel I could take to another level if I had a chance to mix it. Similarly, I have numerous of my own tunes that I would actually pay someone (professional) to mix. I think the learning experience would be invaluable.

I’m up for it Dave :sunglasses:
Actually, that applies to anyone. Send me a link and I’ll have a go for ya :sunglasses:

Wow - I would love to have the chance to learn like that …

Thanks! :smiley:

Gearslutz have regular mixoffs. Some are industry: http://www.gearslutz.com/board/work-progress-advice-requested-show-tell-artist-showcase-mix-offs/ There’s tons of pages to wade through but lots of mixoffs :sunglasses:
Have fun, you don’t have to post em anyway.

Awesome - thanks, philter. I really need to get out more! :laughing:

So how would that work? Someone posts raw recorded material and it’s up to you to make a cohesive piece out of it?

Pretty much :sunglasses: Also allows you to practice mixing in various styles. No pressure on you so you can try things you may have hesitated to do on your own mixes. I did a few mixes and found myself doing all sorts of things that popped into my head. Good experience :sunglasses:

Sounds like fun, you may end up with some very bizarre takes on your original vision! Go fer it Dave! If I have the time, I’ll kick the can!

I wish I could participate. Way overloaded at the moment.

But a mixing contest is what I first thought you were saying. (and a future idea)…

IE… someone upload a raw set of tracks,
Everyone take those tracks into their own DAW and mix to their hearts content.
No listening to others final mixes until yer’s are done and posted.
Then we compare each persons mixing style and maybe vote on it.

Hi Dave !

Would like to try…can I choose the song :slight_smile: Maybe burnout one…


Yeah, I’ve had a go at a couple from Weathervane music but I haven’t posted them. They have raw files and stems on their site.



Great that there is some interest. :sunglasses: I have started a thread in the ‘Made With Cubase’ section and put up the files for ‘You’re Free’ as a taster.


Have fun

Downloaded the tracks… now just gotta fine the time :wink:

I would like to participate on this
Both on the giving and receiving side

But how do we do this when it comes to vsti’s?
You don’t have the vstis I have got and so forth…

Freeze them? If so… will the frozen files turn up and a friends Cubase that does not have that plugin?

I don’t know, just asking

Kim :slight_smile:

Hi Kim

I just bounce the vsti’s to audio. I don’t use many though, mostly Addictive Drums. Sometimes down to a single stereo file and sometimes to individual files. I do this for backup purposes as well as mixing. Of course this does mean a larger file to upload for sharing. That is why I chose this short and fairly simple song to share. For this little experiment I batch exported all tracks to 24bit but I think 16bit files would have been ok for this purpose.