Raw files - post your mixes of 'You're Free'


I mentioned this in the lounge http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=7071. I thought it would be fun and educational to hear some different takes on a mix.

Here are the raw 24bit files for you guys to mix and please post your results in this thread. Have fun. :slight_smile:


The zip file is 310mb and files are mono except for the toms mixed to a stereo file, stereo overheads and room. Also note there are two sets of drums. I picked that song to get us going because it is a short song and doesn’t have too many tracks so the zip file is not too big.

I’ve used dropbox for now and I will upload to my own site shortly but bandwidth could be an issue depending how many want to try this out. Is there anywhere else I can put a 310mb file up for free?


Alternative download added at my own web space


Here’s the first go Dave. Can’t open the big monitors here,
late at night, it’s a small apartment. But I think it’s mostly OK.


It was a lot of fun!

Thanks for the whole idea, great.


Hey that was quick. :open_mouth:

Quite different to my mix. :sunglasses: This is going to be interesting if we get a few takers. :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,

I’ve never tried anything like this before, but here goes! :smiley:

I hope it’s not too gross.


Cool how that is exactly the same song but it sounds really different.
This is a great idea and I’m probably rubbish at it, but I’ll give it a shot as well tomorrow :smiley:

Hi arimus

Another different sound. I only had time for a quick listen. I probably won’t have time to be around here for a day or two so I’ve downloaded it. My intial thought is I love what you have done with the vocals.

Yeah, I’m hoping to hear a lot of different versions and also hoping others also put some songs up. I don’t think it matters how good we are at mixing, it’s more about learning and working out what each has done differently to me.

Hmm… interesting ‘experiment’ :wink:
Downloading the files now… :sunglasses:


I have altered my mix coz I can crank the monitors this arv.
Brought up the bass and better defined the kick. New file uploaded.


Ok… here’s the ‘Sherzified’ version :



Just did mine, man this is fun! :smiley:
Bear with me this is the first time I’ve actually done anything remotely like mixing (in general and especially in this genre). Was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of tracks, you said this was a simple project :stuck_out_tongue:

Goes to show what a newb I am, ah well.


After transferring the file to my desktop for uploading etc I noticed I completely forgot to compress the track to get some volume out of it, oops!
Can’t be bothered to do it now, maybe later. For now, just turn your volume up :sunglasses:

Thanks Dave, really enjoyed it! I’d like some more people to give it a shot too!

I love Sherz’s version really, nice subtle reverbs here and there. After listening to yours mine sounds really wrong, lol.

Here’s my version. I tried something a bit different: it’s monaural (not TRUE mono as in one speaker, but pseudo-mono – everything panned center)



Dang – I just remembered that I meant to add an edit so the tune ended on the low bass note. Oh well

Nice tune, Dave!

Hi Dave, great idea, thanks for kicking this off.

I had a quick listen to the mixes by Jet and arimus, but not any of the others because I didn’t want to get any preconcieved ideas.

I’ve never mixed full drum tracks before so this was a great place to start.


Now- off to listen to the other postings.

OK after listening to my mix compared to others I’ve concluded that I have too much kick drum and this is dragging the rest of the mix down.

I’d appreciate any comments supporting/rebuffing my conclusion- I see this as a learning opportunity and the essence of the Cubase forums.

What’s the BPM on this Dave?

I know where ya coming from :wink: but it only helps in the opening
and outro. Once those overheads come in, you’re locked.


This is good guys. Lot’s of good and interesting takes. I like some of the ambiances and effects. By comparison my own version seems drier. Looks like I need to work at that part of my mixing. I also like the one’s that are more ‘mono’. I really need to spend some more time listening and working out what has been done in the different versions.

Maybe you guys could post some specifics on some of the things you have done. What type of effects you used, how you have eq’d and compressed things etc, etc…

Well some of it is not locked in exactly to tempo, it’s all played live including the midi drums but here is an approximate guide

Starts in 3/4 @ 90bpm
0:48 4/4 @ 92bpm
1:09 3/4 @ 92bpm
1:25 4/4 @92bpm
1:46 3/4@ 90bpm


decided to try a mono mix, just to be different
everything panned center (of course)
deleted the stereo overhead and room tracks
edited the hi-hat track from 1/8th notes to 1/4 notes
did some sound replacement on the rides/crashes
kick1: +12dB@5k
kick1: insert “clean comp” with moderate settings
snare2: insert gate to eliminate hi-hat bleed and what sounded like grace notes
snare2: insert 1176 compressor, 20:1 ratio with slow attack and moderate release
snare2: lo-shelf +11dB@375Hz, -5dB@6k (I switched this cut out during the loudest part)
grouped both bass tracks
on bass group, insert 1176 compressor with 12:1 ratio with moderately slow attack and moderately quick release*
I did nothing to the various guitar tracks, BTW – they all sounded quite good
on both vocal tracks, I applied hi-pass filter set to about 375Hz
grouped the two vocal tracks
on vocal group, inserted a slight “detuning” plugin
on vocal group, inserted 1176 compressor set to 12:1 with moderately slow attack and release
finally, did a fair amount of automation to many of the tracks, incl guitars, but chiefly the vocal group and the bass group. Did a bit of EQ automation when the song went from soft to loud and back again
and lastly, NO bus compression or master channel processing was used whatsoever

Hi Dave,

This is a great idea you’ve come up with! :smiley:
I hope in the near future I can offer something ive done for anyone to have a go at
(just need to find my writting hat and start recording!)

Here’s my attempt, nothing new or creative as others have done im afraid…sorry :blush:

a little mix info…

Guitars panned L65 R65, Solo L13

Guitar EQ - strat- low shelf at 200hz, Peerless low shelf at 170hz both about -20db.
Strat high-cut at 9khz, Peerless at around 5/6 khz.
Solo- low shelf at 200hz -18db, hi-cut at 11khz, 2 x notches 3680khz and 457 hz both at -9db.

Bass EQ - studio eq- low shelf at 62hz -17db, some little scoops at approx 100hz/200hz/500hz by a couple of db.
(forgot to add the bass amp track in the mix, oops :blush: )

Drum EQ - think ive just spotted a mistake I made, so I wont say :open_mouth: :laughing:

T-racks 3’s versions of the Fairchild comp and Pultec EQ used on, erm, about everything :smiley:

Compression on kick, bass and vocals.

Unfortunatly mixed on headphones (wife has been studying these last couple of days so unable to make lots of noise :cry: )

Was great fun to do and a breath of fresh air mixing someone else’s work.


hi dave ,hope you don`t mind some of the harmonies are not on here and sorry about you falling down a hole at the end anyway hope you like it .