MIX window possible not to display fader rack?


Maybe I missed it. But I’m trying to remove faders from a mix window to match the screen and faders positions to my mixing surface like the nuage thing… but of course virtual faders are taking a lot of space.
Strange we can’t arrange the mix window like swap racks up or down to have meters at the bottom or remove names and faders etc…
I guess that’s to push people for paying 20k£ controller :stuck_out_tongue:
I mean nuage looks cool for sure… but if I have that money I have so many things to buy before this :stuck_out_tongue:

On Nuage, what you see on screen is similar to cubendo but that’s exclusively designed for the controller and indeed it has no faders and meters on bottom. If you google nuage pictures you can find them.

And on Cubendo, it sure isn’t possible to hide faders that I also feel limited, I wish we could hide them, but there are certain core things in cubendo’s UI that cannot be hidden, e.g. EQ display on the channel edit window, [M][S][R][W][L] on the mixer panel, and also this fader section. I think this limitation comes from deep in the structure of coding these UI.

Yeah… probably.
but 10y ago cubase had all UI redesign to be modular. So much it was buggy for a while (still is)
why not adding rack organisation ? Specially if something is already working this way for nuage. It could be coding or marketing i just don’t understand why like the rest of things you can display or not (side panels, lower zone) but not possible for this.