MixConsole doesn’t expand the relevant number of the Send slots

Hey dear forumers,

when I select “Import Tracks from Project” and import various groups with various sends active, only the first send slot gets imported.
Can anybody confirm that?



Are you sure the other Send slot had been connected to a Group, which has been imported with, please?

Actually, it seems a GUI bug, as the send routing gets imported, but you see it only on the inspector while it seems not available on the mix console.
On the screen shot the highlighted channel on the mix console in the same of the one shown on the inspector.

Ps: thanks Martin! Yes, groups get imported with right/connected routing.


Could you setup the MixConsole to show stable (all) Send slots count, please? Maybe it just doesn’t increment the view.

Thanks Martin :slight_smile:

If I do that, enabling “Fixed number of slot”, I can see them all. If disable that option, my preferred way, I can see all the send on other window configuration in the console, but not on that one with the imported sends. It seems I can not scroll down. Is there any workaround for that?


Thank you for the confirmation. In this case the bug is, the MixConsole doesn’t expand the relevant number of the Send slots.

I will report this to Steinberg, thank you.


Awesome, thanks!

Can you please rename the topic so that it’s name reflects the real bug?
Just for reference…