Mixdown files not accessible in android/data/steinberg folder

I have a Cubasis 3 question. I recently acquired a new tablet with Android 11 to record rehearsals in Cubasis 3 with a IK Media iRig Mic Cast HD. I get great results and I really enjoy Cubasis.

One thing that is not so great… In Android 11 you can not access the root Android Data folder, where the mixdowns from Cubasis go. This is a frustrating thing to me, my normal worklow was to get the WAV file, put it in another folder (matching one of the band names) and use a simple other app to convert the WAV to a mp3 to share easily with the other band members via WhatsApp.

You can ‘share’ a file from within Cubasis, and I did upload one to my Google drive, to download it again, but then the format changed, the WAV to mp3 converter did not open the WAV file.

I can not get the Cubasis share option to direct to that converter, nor can I share the WAV file to another folder that is accessible directly.

So. Is there a way to direct the mixdown to another folder than android/data/steinberg?

Sorry for my lengthy post. :relaxed:

[edit] I can send the WAV via Bluetooth to my cell phone… But it takes a loooooong time😂

Hi @M.R_Nijboer,

Please check the following information :


Cubasis Help (see “Access through an Android file manager” chapter)

Hope that helps!


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If you cant get android’s internal file explorer to work, use X-plore from the playstore