Mixdown of loops & re-importing : different length


While on the road and working with loops in Cubasis I noticed the following oddity

  • create locator range (eg 1 bar)
  • process loop with insert fx
  • mixdown and deselect tail
  • reimporting loop yields different loop length than the locator range (slightly longer)

To double check there was no messing with timing I phase inverted the track with newly made loop vs older one, almost full silence (not totally which is also weird)

Start loop is a flac file, fx are Cubasis strip here, resulting file also flac

Is this a known bug?

Messing with timing is a tad scary for a DAW, even a lightweight portable one

See picture attached

Ipad Air 2, latest iOS, latest Cubasis



I reported the bug some time ago:

Would be nice to get a feedback from the developers regarding this issue.