Mixer Channel Gain Reduction Meters!

The feature I would love to see is Gain Reduction Meter Data For Stock /All Insert Compressors, I know that this feature is available when using the Channel Strip Compressors either in the channel edit window or when the Channel Strip is expanded in the mixer and also in the meter bridge in the Main Mixer (F3).

But if I use the insert equivalents of the channel strip compressor or 3rd Party compressors, there is no gain reduction data displayed, ANYWHERE.
Which leaves me mystified.

So if I have 20 tracks with compressors on them as inserts, I will have to open each compressor to see if there is any compression happening?
This is a massive waste of time for anyone mixing hence most of Cubase’s competitors have embraced this feature and this has now become a standard feature in most DAWs some selling for less than $100.

I would understand if this feature was only available for the insert equivalent stock compressors and not 3rd Party ones but sadly this is not the case.
It seems like if I’m being forced to used the Channel Strip if I want this feature which honestly makes me want to curse lol.

I produce and mix for myself and clients and have used various DAWs over the years but Cubase is where I feel most comfortable as I’ve spent so much time here.
I been using Cubase from SX3 till now and have been very comfortable with the Mixer in cubase. Ive welcomed all the improvements to is throughout the years but this might be make of break for me as Im getting more and more mixing work.

So anyone out there that feels the same way about this as I do, lets take this opportunity to make as much noise about as as possible.


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Well that has been requested several times since at least 2016, last time in october Gain reduction meter in Cubase Mixer also for third part VST plugin
Didn’t seem to get many votes, but overall it’d probably be better to accumulate the votes only on one thread (assuming that the nr of votes have any relevant influence on development decisions…)

Vote added , yes this would be a useful feature

I hate those… They better be optional