Gain reduction meter in Cubase Mixer also for third part VST plugin

I want to request to see GR values on Cubase mixer also for third part vst compressor Plugins as it is possible in Studio One and Pro Tools.
Hope in your consideration and long life to Cubase


Yep, would be good - been requested since 2017…
GR meters in MixConsole Channel (like StudioOne) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Already present in the MixConsole Meter Bridge when using the stock ChannelStrip compressors only, but like you say, needed for other SB tools and for 3rd Party plugins too - in the MixConsole Channel Faders/Meters.

Steinberg could take advantage of the freely available Presonus Plugin extensions they developed, in order to achieve this. They can choose which to implement, as they see fit.

In terms of this thread’s topic, they could support Gain Reduction reporting in the plugin, back to the host UI - something other 3rd party plugin devs have already built-in to their tools. So that part’s already done, by quite a few 3rd parties so far. No more work for the plugin devs; no need for them to reinvent the wheel, to have them work inside Cubendo…
Here’s the documentation Presonus provide:-
PreSonus Plug-in Extensions ( - see page 12 - GR Info reporting

From this page:- Scroll down to bottom
(Developer | PreSonus Software)

PS:- finally, one other thread of interest here; GR Meters in Channels (like S1 and PT) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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Never used S1 or Protools, so I am wondering how useful such a feature actually is. What does it actually help to achieve? The only “problem” I can imagine that it might help solve is that if you change levels throughout the project, you maybe can notice if you are pushing something on a channel too much and you have too much GR. But then, what is “too much”? Very much depends on the compressor in question and the task it should do.
Anything else that I might not see?

Concerning channel metering, I very much would prefer to have more metering options for the channel meter (VU, LUFS)…

You have the answer yourself… :wink:

It is exactly this… it’s simply another visual means of monitoring activity; just like we currently use level meters in the channel, or (as you’ve requested) might glance at a VU reading.

It really can help giving quick overview to spot potential problems, avoiding having to open plugin UI’s just to check GR meters inside if you suspect something’s up somewhere. This often means multiple times of course, till you find the actual culprit(s).

This is the main reason. A pro DAW can’t ignore this pro user needs.

It rather be optional then…

Of course, why not…

Though, I can only imagine this has now increased the scale of the request and associated amount of work, such that it’ll be at least another two or three years away from being included… sigh.
If at all… :face_with_spiral_eyes: