Mixer history bug

Mixer history switches back and forth from working to not working. Meaning: It usually works, but sometimes you have to quit the project and reopen for it to start registering the history again.

yup, I have this too. At a certain moment when I’m working in a project the mixer undo just stops working.

Edit: in Cubase 9.5 too be clear.

Same here.

… And then if you notice it only a while after it’s stopped working there are a lot of changes that are “lost”?

Same here. Working/not working…

Same here.


Same here.

Same here. I wanted to undo a fader move. Instead it undid 2 plugin inserts all at once. Very unreliable at the moment.

Same here, it works but not everytime… new project from scratch this morning,mixer history stop recording events after a while…

Same, just made a ticket. Interestingly, since the update to 9.5, my Cubase 9.0.3 installation is doing the same, and that wasn’t the case prior the update. Bummer.

Hm, I did notice something strange… Do you mean changes in the mixer, or in the project window as well? Like midi events maybe?

Not working at all most of the time for me. The rest of the time it works incorrectly. If you move any parameter two times (or more) in a row it does not record the two moves as seperate, so undo goes back to the original setting. Also notice on some plugins (quadrafuzz2 i.e.) when undoing a parameter move the parameter resets to its default position (just like Ctr+clicking a knob) not the original setting.

Working /not working for me.

Confirmed. Works then doesn’t work.

Same here, but not only in the mixer, wish it was.
When it happens, I have to create a new active empty project, then reacivate the project I’m working on, then the undo history is functioning again.
I thought it was mainly happening when working on older projects, but I’m not sure of that.
Not new in 9.5 though, had the issue before.

I created a new project in 9.5 pro after trashing preferences and mix console history still does not work.

Yep same for me, doesn’t seem to undo fader moves, just goes straight for the last plugin moves.
Also some plugin issues with me, when you disable them they are not really disabled…I have started a new post about this. Check it out and lemme know if you getting the same issues please.

Do you mean turning off plugins in the mixer or disabling the entire track with Disable function?

Same issue here :confused: