Mixer Maps in Cubase 5

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I have just rebuilt my Music PC and installed C5 (latest version) and want to use a mixer map (.mix) in order to edit/automate the parameters on my yamaha tx7. I had these .mix’s working in SX3 but for the life of me can’t work out how to do it in C5 and, embarassingly, can’t remember how i got them working in SX3.

I’ve looked in the Connections dialog box but if i try and define a new external instrument it asks for the .xml 9as opposed to giving me the option of using a .mix.

any advice, or pointers to online resources that will point in the right direction would be appreciated

thanks in advance

(ps: alternatively…does anyone know of a .xml device panel i can use for the dx7/tx7?)

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I love FM, and I´m a user of TX7 - same problem here…

Have you tried

So, I push this thread!

You probably forgot that to do it in SX3 you created a MIDI Device (Device menu)…
Same in C5, you can even import those devices from SX3 to C5.

Next, if you have installed the MIDI Device, you can assign it to the external instrument
(using a MIDI Device for external instruments also causes automatic latency compensation for it)

so, read up your manual on MIDI Devices :slight_smile:

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you are probably right, although i thought i had checked out that route and that i was asked for .XMLs and not given the options to use .MIX. I shall re-check that option out again and report back.


Hi centralmusic! Yep, FM FTW :slight_smile: I had a look on that site and some of the others listed in an archived Cubase Forum thread but have only been able to find .mix for DX7/TX7…hopefully some good luck will come my way though and an xml will appear (or i’ll learn how to import .MIX) :slight_smile:

i also found this site which has Clever Things for download


I have d/led the TX7 interface but haven’t had a chance to see if it works (or if i can get it to work)


I did some research, SX3 is a long way back but I have still old versions installed on an old computer (even VST5 :slight_smile: ).

.mix is a format used by this ancient Cubase VST program.
Since SX1 this has been replaced by MIDI Devices called Panels in .xml format.

I checked in SX3, it’s MIDI Device Manager has an option of “Import Mixermap”, this function converts VST mixermaps to the new xml format and stores them in the Cubase SX3 application folder in a sub folder Panels (hopefully you still have that available)

Now in Cubase 5 the import option is no longer available, but you can of course install devices (xml format) made by SX3.

Another way would be to create MIDI Devices from scratch. I am myself using two DX7 and an FS1R as external instruments using MIDI Devices, preset banks included. If you PM me I could send you the DX7 xml as an example or to adapt to TX7 to your needs.
Though the route via SX3 would be the fastest solution and get your TX7 device back just like it was before.

Hope this helps.

Since my last update Cubase 5.1 to 5.5 the snapshot names in my Midi Device Panels don’t appear anymore (in the field left above).
Anyone experiencing this problem or suggestions how to solve ?

Hi There,

So, finally got round to revisiting this. Its been a while so my apologies but reinstalling SX3 onto an old computer and converted the .mix files to .xml hasn’t been a priority.

These .mix files were taken from this site:


and imported to SX3 through Devices>Midi Device Manager>Import Mixermap.

Once imported I used the “Export Setup” command to export to .xml.

I have hosted the new .xmls (and the original .mix) here:


hope someone finds them useful.

please note, I have only re-exported these from cubase, I haven’t tried them in C5 yet and judging by the frequency with which i seem to visit this forum if you use them and have issues then I won’t be in a position to help out. I will try and pop back once I have tried them in C5 and let you know.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hey Guys ! been scouring the net for MiDI device mixer maps for a couple of synths I have . Can’t seem to locate anything for the Waldorf Pulse, Nord Lead(first one) and the Roland JP-8080 . Does Steinberg host a mixermap upload or is there a sticky somewhere ? Thanks

You can find two of them here: ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/Download/Legacy_Additional_Content/Original%20Cubase%20VST%20Mixer%20Maps/
They are in the old .mix format.

Great Thank You ! I’ll have to relaod sx3 in convert :wink: