Mixer send-insert views in Cubase 13.0.30

Just updated, looks is cool but didnt start working because in the mixer I cant use the old CTRL+click (ALT+click) to keep open both INSERTS chains and SENDS chain

what am I doing wrong?

the menu also seems to be different,


In the MixConsole, you don’t have to hold any modifier. Just clicking on the panel header opens/closes the given panel. It’s not exclusive in the MixConsole window, as it is in the Inspector.

The menu seems to be shorter. Did you install Cubase Pro 13, please?

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thanks martin, obv it’s PRO 13

but even if I click without any key combination I cant see sends and inserts together, I was able to do it untile I update to 0.30 this morning, and I work this way since…10 years maybe? lol

there should be something in the menu not activated?

in the inspector panel it works as expected, I dont have to use any key modifier


If you right-click on the Inspector, there is the “Expand Sections Exclusively” option enabled by default. You can disable it. This setting doesn’t exist in the MixConsole. The option is disabled in the MixConsole.

sorry martin, maybe my bad english we dont understand each other

i wanna see the mixer as I see the inspector in my previous screen shot, i.e. BOTH INSERTS and SENDS

I was always able to do that, until I updated at 13.0.30 this morning, I mean, with the previous version everything is fine and look like I want, why I cant see the same mixer in 13.0.30? like this?

(picture not mine but its right)


Sorry, maybe it’s my bad English language. This, what we can see in your screenshot, is how Cubase 13.0.30 behaves/looks like. Same as it was in previous Cubase versions.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Or even rename/delete the whole Cubase preferences folder, please?

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% \Steinberg\Cubase X_64

Where the X is the Cubase version (for example 13).

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Waaaa! :grin: Boring! I am so sad ofr this bug, I need that behaviour in ny work flow so badly

Thanks for the hint. I ALWAYS re-build my template starting from a blank project every time I install a major update, I just import groups and tracks presets. It’s a boring work but it helps many issues

Gonna test it once in my studio, in a few hours