Mixer undo and unlimited insert slots.


+1 Undo/Redo
+1 Unlimited insert slots

+1 Unlimited insert slots

+1 for mixer undo

But unlimited inserts is a very bad idea and crash waiting to happen -
With all the social media whining that comes with it.

But unlimited inserts is a very bad idea and crash waiting to happen -

It’s a very good idea and it will not crash.

Surely someone will load 100 plugins in, run out memory and then complain and whine that Cubase doesn’t work properly.

Overall it’s a bad Idea all around.

If you quickly want to double (or more!!) the INSERTS available
Use sends or routing to Group Channels instead.
Send from one track with all INSERT slots loaded to a group channel that is NOT routed to Master Buss.
Or load its INSERT slots with plugins and tweak then disconnect routing to MASTER BUSS.
Set your recording input on another track to record IN FROM the group channel.
Load that track’s insert rack with another set of Plugins.
Arm your new track and record.

Repeat with additional Group channels and tracks until satisfied.

Example Flow is:
Track 1 --> Grp Ch#1 --> Track 2 --> Grp Ch#2 --> Track 3 (and on and on)

That’s a quick fix to “unlimited inserts” in the signal path.
(still a bad idea but I have used that a similar path for Sound Design work)

Track 1 --> Grp Ch#1 --> Track 2 --> Grp Ch#2 --> Track 3 (and on and on)

This is what i do since cubase sx 2, and it has a lot of inconvenient. freeze, save preset, etc…

It should be a limitation for cubase artist, not for cubase pro.
As the same way, you could justify to limit the number of tracks. :wink:

+1 for MIXER undo.

+1 on mixer undo (seperate from standard ctr+z)

+1 on unlimited insert slots.

That’s pretty much nonsense to to limit the count just to prevent people from whining if it won’t work with 256897 plugins :sunglasses:

To satisfy my personal curiousity what exactly are you doing that you need more than the Ch.Strip and stock Insert slots?

I’ve been mixing for nearly two decades and (other than for sound design work) I’ve never filled all the slots on a mix channel…
and I’ve mixed several thousand songs over the years, with Cubase as my primary DAW.

I don’t like the non-flexibility of the Ch. Strip so i never use it.
for EDM/electronic which need a lot of sound design, we need more inserts.

fretthefret, look up the “unlimited inserts” topic in the C7 forum. Many reasonable examples why more than 8 (in fact only 6 pre fader…) inserts come in handy!

BIG +1 for unlimited inserts

Giant +1 for both!

Another Giant +2.

While your at it make some containers like Bitwig has for putting effects on certain frequency ranges only. =]

EDM is primarily what I do (Big Room/Festival and Melbourne Bounce)
And still can’t see the upside to “unlimited inserts”.

Sound design, exactly that. Often use two instances of MSED to get stereo EQs and compressors into M/S mode, add some fake tapes, multiple stages of compression and a whole palette of other flavours. It’s easy to exceed the 6 pre fader slots. Yes, it’s easy too, to route that channel to a group etc. but here and now in 2014 I see no reason for such limitations in a 100% software environment. We have scrollable inserts racks and everything, so even the mixer layout can’t be an insurmountable obstacle.
The channel strip FX are pretty good actually but might not help when I’m longing for whatever else. Cubase has the flexibility to have them pre or post the inserts (great) but if I’d like to have one of them between other plugins, their plugin counterparts eat up a slot as well.

For usual mixing work I’m pretty fine with my 8 slots.

It’s all about preferred workflows I guess, that’s absolutely fine. More inserts would just enable the user to flow in even one more direction. No problem if you decide not to, but nice if we could decide to do exactly that :wink:

No. I do get it.
(I would probably even use the feature on some tracks for extreme design work)
I could see maybe doubling the inserts capacity to 12 or 14 pre-fader
but the “UNLIMITED INSERTS” request just sound ridiculous.
We’re probably best to give the scenario and argument to Steinberg to double the amount of inserts rather than request “Unlimited”.

I agree that 16 should be enough for everything.

The best solution though would be ‘as much as you need’. Look at track lanes - there’s always another one created automatically with each take. The same way another insert slot could appear out of the blue once the last is filled up.
Everything in Cubase has got ‘floating’ since 7 (hover over knobs, scrolling racks and such), it would just follow its own style…

+1 from me… I would like to see these features in the updates