Mixing console on Windows: cumbersome mouse operation

Mixing console on Windows: cumbersome mouse operation. Have to aim precisely at weird locations. Windows update or something? Not funny anymore.
Does anyone experience the same thing? Reset prefs or dpi stuff won’t help. (occurs in the mixing console of Cubase. 10 or 10.5, other apps like Halion 6 are okay) Mixing console is on secondary Windows screen 1920x1200 px, windows default dpi settings (100%)


Could you try to update your graphic card driver, please?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Driver is latest Microsoft Qualified. Card might be a little out dated, but hey the issues started noticeably with Cubase 10. And only the mix console is showing the issue. I’ve tested extensively, with or without safe mode. As soon as mix console is on the Windows secondary monitor (Full screen or not) hit zone offset issues are showing.
On primary monitor everything is okay.
So, if no-one else experiences the same thing it can surely be something machine specific. If card would report wrong current device dpi or something (because Microsoft could be screwing things up lately) then I guess the complete UI would be messed up and not only the UI hit zones We’ll see.

Hey it’s Sunday - call it the “helping the people of Steinberg” day :slight_smile:

I believe I’ve found a reproduction scenario. It can be reproduced by using a single monitor also.

  • Start Cubase, create empty project.
  • Hit F3 to show the mix console, double click on the mix console top title bar to make if full screen. There shouldn’t be any vertical window borders visible now, because it is full screen. In this mode every thing works fine!
  • Hit F3 to hide the mix console again.
  • Hit F3 to show the mix console again,
    Notice that there is now a vertical Windows border on the left side of the mix console.
    I believe it is this vertical border width that is not taken into account when calculating the mouse hit zones apparently.
    (resulting in horizontal offset) Mix console still thinks it is really full screen…


This vertical border thing is an known issue. This started with the very latest Windows update. Are you sure the issue starts when this left white line appears, please?

Most definitively. Only when Windows left line border appears mix console is driving me nuts. Guess it’s Windows only.
If it’s a known issue then I’ll leave it here, Thnx!

I reproduced the problem and confirm! Yes, vertical white stripe!
it makes me terribly nervous near 1-2 months!
I have one 49’ 4K monitor on NVidia GF GTX1660 and NVidia driver.
I relate with some Windows update.

I notice this lately it’s really difficult to open plugins now as the mouse has to be a little off to the left of where I used to press. Very annoying bug indeed

Are you guys in W10-2004? Because I do not have this problem with 1909.


That would be a great news, if Microsoft would fix it!

Do you have the white frame issue, please, or even not this one?

I noticed if you go out of full screen mode on the mixer the Mouse pointer works correctly. So I guess I’ll just size the mixer manually until this bug is fixed

the issue should be cleared after you move or resize the window that is affected

the problem reappears after restart

No issues. I briefly installed W10-2004 about a month ago but had troubles with audio dropouts so I used my backup from 1909.
No graphic issues with 1909.

The thing is you can’t stay forever on Windows 1909 nowadays. As I couldn’t stay on Cubase 9.xx which was a very stable and rock solid version…

I know, but better to wait updating untill a lot of bugfix-updates have passed.

Same thing here, after Windows decided to install the 2004 update a week ago. Every time I open the mixer, there’s a white bar at the left side of the window and the collision detection for clickable elements is off, most notably for the Bypass Insert/Send Buttons and the rack bypass buttons. Hellishly annoying as my whole muscle memory is shot.
Updated Intel UHD630 graphics driver to latest version, to no effect.
Resizing the mixer windows helps, the white bar disappears, but only until next open. So it is definitely related to that.
Edit: Seems related to Computer für Audioanwendungen - WaveLab - Steinberg Forums and is most likely not a Cubase but a Windows-problem.

Here’s a screenshot, not the best quality as I had to use “step recorder” because Windows Screenshot cannot capture the mouse…
cubase insert problem.PNG


This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Have the same problem in mixing console in Cubase 10.5.20
After last W10 update mouse coordinates is seems to be unsync with graphics and a grey strip in the left side of console appeared.
Hope the problem will be solved soon.

Hi and welcome,

The fix has been announced by Steinberg already. It will be part of the upcoming update.

Cubase 11 is okay!