Mixing tracks with volume automation

We can use volume automation on tracks, its good. But when we have many tracks with volume automation and want to mix them, its uncomfortable. Faders dont work due to automation. We cant easy change the whole volume of a track for mixing. There are two ways to solve this problem:

  1. Use independed volume control for automation and other volume control for overall mixing. ( It may be even very simple insert plugin with one parameter - volume, wich we can automate)
  2. Make a little knob in track area that links volume curve with volume fader of track. When it is activated moving volume fader of a track must move the whole curve on a track. In this case there must be variants (parameter?): if curve has zero points (or near it) moving down must be relative. The same when moving up with high level points. But when curve points are far from edges moving may be absolute with limit when curve reaches top or bottom.

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