moan moan moan

christ i thought this forum was about cubase , os, problems to do with … ,and general chit chat about music and production but all iv’e seen on this forum is a bunch of ungrateful moaners that pick on every tiny little thing , god get a life or if you hate steinberg that much go to some kinder garden program and moan at them … there you go thats my rant out the way .

elastic pro is bloody marvelous !


maybe the forum needs a []sandbox[]

Now we’re moaning about moaning :mrgreen:

and bucket and spade icons , i think people should just be happy that c6 is pretty bloody stable ,not stamp there feet because signatures are to long and it takes 3/10’s of a second to open and inspector panel and on and on and on :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: ,im like a lot of people ,been using cubit and cubase for 20 years and i always welcome upgrades , i admit i never upgraded to c4 as over the years it never became stable but thats a price for progress ,you make mistakes and learn and thats certainly what steinberg seems to have done over the years ,so these people that can’t take a chill pill just need to grow up a bit ,have some patients and concentrate on what is important here "the music " “the production” and iteract as we are all in the same boat !


LMAO … Priceless!

  • !

Note, every software has its problems and bugs, and everlasting user wishes…
Many user moan about the internal cubase plugins, or not coming features, but since C4 there are a lot of very good and professional sounding VST effects included. It is clear that specific plugins or virtual instruments should buy from third party manufacturer - too different are the music styles and flavors!
I can hear these negative messages - of mostly usermade mistakes - no longer. Well, there are enough other DAWs for everyone´s gusto on the market…

In my opinion the development of today´s Cubase is absolutely fabulous: because C6 is the first DAW with the most opportunities from all (!) audio/midi areas. Stable, wonderful midi solutions, very nice audio editing, good basic plugins (standard in every recording studio is: EQs, compressors, delays, IR-room simulation -this is the way it is! and that´s all included in Cubase…), and - of course - cubase/nuendo are great sounding DAW engines!
That’s my personal and well founded experience. I work daily for many years with other well known DAWs like PT, Logic e.g., but I see many advantages in C6.

My conclusion: Good job Steinberg, keep it up!



Central, you are off topic! Have a look at the thread title again!


thats somthing else to moan about :laughing: :laughing:


Well, a typical behavior of a jaded site admin - a little praise and positive mood rebounds.
That’s just the way…

Here´s what you need:
moan! moan! moaaan! mooooaaan!!!

Are you feeling better now?

Watch out…I’ll find bugs, then I´ll moaning! (no kiddin´)


Actually… I do… strange. Must have gotten used to the moaning part somehow. Need to talk to my girlfriend about this!


you have a really regrettable girlfriend…


im trying my hardest to find a bloody bug ,i give up , iv’e tried ! DAM :open_mouth: anyway edDoll whats your girl friend like ? :smiley: :laughing: :laughing:


I stayed away from this forum for years because of the total negativity and stupidity I saw all over it.
It’s not the bug reports or the grumbles that get me but it’s the whole negativity of certain posters (thankfully fewer now) serially moaning about nothing much and taking the heads off anyone prepared to help them.
Boring. No other forum came close to this for being the nuthouse of forums.

Nice to see more sanity here. Maybe there is a sanity clause.

doesn’t he only come out at christmas ? :laughing: :laughing:

i know what you mean i stayed away and just looked in from the outside for years because moaners and complainers ,not everything works straight away we should know that by the last twenty years, so you would think intelligent people would get used to it and sit back and wait to see what unfolds , moaning again :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


It is the human condition to moan about stuff. In software, if someone can’t find the big bugs, they’ll moan about the niggley ones. If someone can’t find small bugs, they’ll moan about the staff. If they can’t moan about the stafff, they’ll moan about others. :stuck_out_tongue: And lastly, if they can’t find anything else to moan about or blame stuff on, they’ll moan about their current situation.

It’s all good. Everything returns to this eventually.



It WOULD return to this, wouldn’t it.

Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang
Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang
Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang

Yin Tiddly Yin and Yang Tiddly Yang

All Day long.



Please, don’t put me in a bad mood, or I’ll start complaining about something and it just might not be related to anything we want to read in the music lounge.
Remember, don’t cut your fingers off to spite your thumb.

ive tried cutting all my fingers off but i always end up with 2 left on the same hand !

The reason is simple, we are talking about something close to all our hearts, eg music whether in general or what people write themselves we all love it and with Cubase 6 we are supposed to be getting back to that very proposition.

I’m noticed there’s 2 kind of Cubase users

#1 those that use the software and happily make music

#2 Those that use the software, over analyze everything and slag on every move Steinberg makes. They have overly high opinions of themselves and love acting like the smug know it all and make it seem like Cubase is the absolute worst DAW out there but they still use it and don’t move on to another DAW like any other logical person would do if they were that dissatisfied with the product.