Mod involvement on forum- *Mac*

I must say, I have never seen anything approaching the amount of mod involvement on the Cubase Mac forum as I have seen on the combined forum. I suppose one possible reason might be the release of C6, however, it makes me curious. I have two questions (now that believe mods are reading these posts):

  1. Has there ALWAYS been this level of mod postings on the PC side?
  2. Has the final decision on combining the forums been reached?

I know we are barely post NAMM here, so I’m not expecting any immediate response, however, I’d love to know.

As a side note, I see the 64 bit update for Mac OS as a welcome commitment to Mac users, so please don’t think my question is meant to be divisive. I know you guys already know my feelings about this issue.

Hi there

What do you mean by lack of moderation in the previous forum?

From what I remember they were on hand all the time ready to delete a pirate at a moments notice or some flamer etc

At least now the admins can focus better on their work and have time to help people when there is no end user knowledge that’s enough to help.

What i mean is they rarely checked in in person on threads, which they seem to be doing with some alacrity now.
I’m sorry, I must have missed you on the old Mac forum-did you have the same name?


I am not a mac user, maybe one day.

I think it was stated in the old forum FAQ somewhere that this new forum structure would allow the “mods” to help out more when in times past they had limited available time (and resources) to do so, in particular due to needing to perform relative policing functions, so now with this new forum we can expect to see more interaction from those in charge which is of course beneficial to all.

Thank you for your reply, however, did you happen to notice that both in the subject header and message content, It was clearly marked “Mac” so that those who were often in both forums (and hopefully mods) would respond?

Hi again

Well, this is an open forum and besides the original question being arguably loaded, I don’t believe there are any rules on who or who may not respond and in any case this kind of topic may be more suitable for a lounge discussion.

Greetings as they used to say :sunglasses:

There are also no rules about wasting someone’s time, and yet, people who check in on things they have no relevant information on or experience with do exactly that by sharing their subjective opinions.

Please have the last word, as we will likely not be interacting again. I have no wish for long and useless forum debates.

Implicit in your question is that this is somehow a “PC” forum, therefore the likelihood is that it will not be responded to, never mind any one user being ignored by another.



as written already here, we have now a little more time for the forums because we do not have to check all the accounts by hand and activate them, and we do not have to check if the topic starter has a corresponding license. Also we did some internal changes, so we can be more active at the forums.



Thank you for checking in, Chris. I’m sure the community will benefit greatly from your increased presence.

Will there be, or is there already, an answer to the the question of whether the forums will remain combined (Mac and PC)? Thanks.

Yes, the forums will stay combined.



Hi Larry

My immediate reaction to the loss of the Mac side was like most others, sad to see it go, but on reflection I doubt if it will matter all that much. I have many years’ experience of the Nuendo forum, which has always been dual platform, and I often get useful stuff from the PC users there, and sometimes I can help them.

I think we were all worried about a flood of text-speak idiocy here, but there was always a bit of that in the Mac forum as well, usually from people who had already gone to another DAW and were just trolling around - or had gone on the Mac forum by mistake.

Good to hear about more Steinberg insider input.

As it says in my sig below, let’s let the situation mature…

End game. Mac forum.

Time to make some choices.

What choices?

To not help people migrate to the more stable platform?

64 bit osx would have to be one of the most exciting developments in DAW world going on right now, even if there are hardly any plugins available to be used.

At least much of the existing hardware choices are functional but to threaten to “pick up a bat and ball” and walk away flies in the face of any supposed loyalty, as I for one would much prefer macintosh if I could afford it.

Maybe this is the true face of mac clan.

Thanks for your reply, Chris. Although I strongly disagree with the decision, I’d always rather have clarity than none.

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I am happy the mods have more time. I find it horrendous to search through the threads now and sort out what is Mac and what is PC and what is of interest to me and what is not. As a result I am spending less and less time on the forum.

I notice that most of the old and highly qualified Mac gurus are not spending much time or contributing to the new forum. Frankly, their contributions did a lot more for the Mac Cubase community then any of the mods.

With the C6 upgrade no longer compatible with my hardware, it is indeed time for some tough and expensive choices. I will need to change hardware and software now and since I want to stay with Apple, it is likely I will choose to move to Apple software.

As an Mlan user, Yamaha/Steinberg let me down on Mlan, and now with C6 they have let me down on my old and reliable PPC! And I can’t even get comfort out of a Mac forum that is dedicated to Mac only…

I’m all for evolution and understand a lot of Steinberg’s choices, and will move up to new hardware. But given the multiplicity of the choices affecting my hardware, and now my computer, I may as well take the complete leap and see what I can get from the all-Apple alternative. At least the forum there will be Mac only!!!

MLan would have been good were it to have a standard 1394 mode, but that’s what happens when you have product “managers” (not steinberg) who think they can do better than the 1394 trade association.

I find myself in a dilemma as well, and yes, I agree, the old Mac hands aren’t pitching in here much, myself included. I see things I could chime in on to help, then stop and say…“why?” I also agree that this non-filtered approach makes for a much less pleasant and more time consuming forum experience for us Mac folk, while it’s just a minor flea for the PC folk.

I want to be fair, though. There is little question in my mind that without the 64 bit commitment to the Mac platform, I would have moved on. The fact that Steinberg has made that effort indicates to me that at the very least, though undoubtedly PC-centric, they are remaining committed to the Mac platform as well. If I hear that C6 is stable,that the timestretch algorithms are substantially better, and that (hopefully) lower latency can be achieved with less CPU strain I’ll definitely upgrade.

The forum issue is one I’ll have to ponder for a bit. I’ve gotten so much negativity and hostility from politely asking for clarity on an issue that was an important one to me, and one that had no stated policy decision I could find, that I wonder if this social experiment is one I want to participate in. My patience has been stretched pretty far already by the lack of common courtesy and basic civility I’ve encountered. There can be plenty gained by debate on certain points, but little if anything gained in puerile displays of ‘nyah nyah’ and unbelievably silly platform wars. There was sufficient dumbness on the Mac forum for me-multiplying it exponentially ain’t gonna work.

Curt, I know your thoughts, but I highly doubt the mods will allow what would essentially be a stealth forum on their turf. I wouldn’t, were I them. That sort of thing would have to be taken off premise, and I don’t know if all that is worth it. basically that’s where I come out-I just dunno. If ya want me, I’ll be over there =>>>in ponder mode.

NYC Composer (1350 posts on the old forum!),

Nice to see you are at least still lurking as I am…

But where are (Weasel 5038 posts!), Sonik (2022 posts!), the invaluable Vic-France (4464 posts!), Quantize (1524 posts!), Mobius (1816 posts!) and so many other of the invaluable gurus and Grand Senior Members on the Mac section of the old forum? I think Fitz (1440 posts!) and Curteye (1723 posts!) are still around… But hard to find their valuable contributions in the mumbo jumbo of the combined forum…

Weasel’s great cute trick thread… gone…

Sad, disapointing and not really worth spending much more time on. Better to just move on… One of my band members just got a new Imac with Logic. It looks great. I’ve had a chance to try it. For three times the price of the upgrade I get a whole brand new DAW with the new hardware I’ve got to buy to keep up with C6. Will keep C5 running on the old PPC just to keep the compatibility with my old files.

From Midipaint, to Concertware + midi, to Vision and Studio Vision Pro, to Cubase, to Logic! Been a long road…