Modern cubase

Truth In the recent period, there are many troublesome things in the company’s policy, and we explained it to Brother Matthias and it seems that he endured us a lot … But we criticize with love in this company, and he is a Good man

I wrote a topic in Feature Requests and Suggestions and please forgive me let me re-copy its content here with some edits

Steinberg you should think outside the ordinary and bring about needs from the future and new ideas that are not found by the competitors. I am talking about a complete idea… (Modern Daw)

1-Steinberg new Modern ID
Restructuring some things
2- rearranging the team of programmers and developers, or using new youth they have creative , they will work with the old team,
Solve the main problems facing users them constantly
such as : Reducing the burden on a computer processor CPU
and other
3-Redesigning and coordinating some old and inconsistent program interfaces,
4-Support the multitouch for Cubase , neuendo …
we are now use a touch screen monitors for pc and touch laptops
let users freedom choose between (2 modes) TOUCH MODE … STANDARD MODE …
to complete the mix with windows tablets, Laptops with touchscreen …
this causes the users to purchase more than one copy
PIANO ON SCREEN In the midi section make ur software’s CREATIVE add a full touch piano on screen with large keys for touch playng and record at the same time …
this feature makes it easier to compose any where without any external device a lot of people now use touch device laptops, pcs , tablets
5-Full support for video editing
6-Support for 4k screens and higher 5k , 8k
7-More support for Live mode, as you know, in the past the plugins was external devices, and now we use only software plugins VST inside the program so what prevents the Cubase from being a mixer used for mixing in live
8-Remote control App IC Pro For Android

External hardware
Implementing similar plans for the Universal Audio, Waves SoundGrid and AudioGridder (A plugin processing External Device Not use your Computer CPU for the studio and live)

It is an audio interface or a server or DSP that is exclusive work only with Steinberg softwares that allows the user to download additional plugins (REAL TIME) on this server and supports live mode with low latency ,fast export and is used for direct parties or the studio in other words that allows the user to run hundreds of plugins Low Latency real time
(VST, VSTi) (attachment)

Marketing plan
You also saw that the Cubase market is declining and I am afraid it will reach much lower levels
YouTube creators are contracted to create lessons and comparisons of new strengths and performance with competitors
As we can see, there are only about two people who make these videos, Chris and Dom
As for the rest of the channels, either Protoools, Studio One, either Reaper or Logic is rare
For example when searching, “how to mix like pro”
Must to be a dozens of videos explaining and using Cubase program while filming
like Waves marketing

Finally, a complete cancellation of the USB dongle, because it has many problems and needs a complete another topic to talk about it in its a very old and boring method…
in my country if I lose this dongle, I would have to wait three weeks to get a new one and I know that I will suffer from problems and suffering during the license again …
I bought studio one professional they gave me 5 copies I can managed every device in my presonus profile ADD NEW , EDIT , DELETE USERS …
(and thier customer care is very good) most people now use studio one just a download link and the way to activate it is simple it does not require
more waiting and we can run the software freely without any USB

This was my imagination and future of Modern DAW

Perfect compatibility between external Hardware and software, adoption of touch tools, and use of the program as a Live mixer

Why do you need to post the same crap again? :unamused:

You are not forgiven. :imp:

This was my opinion and I wanted to communicate it to see how it can be discussed
If you don’t like it, just politely reply

I really find statements like that really ridiculous and insulting. What do you know about Steinbergs team? Have you worked with them? Do you suggest to multiple businesses that they should restructure their team??

If you’ve got a bug report to make - report it. You dont have the insight to be suggesting changes like this to a company.

Please link to where this is stated. I’ve never seen any information related to Cubase sales figures, plus, they’re a private company.

As someone who has moved from another DAW to Cubase i’d say that the product is really appealing and also their social media presence (Such as the youtube hangouts) are something that i really enjoyed before moving across. I know many people who have moved to Cubase in the last 2 years, so for me i have the opinion that the userbase is not receding.

Plus, if you want to learn how to mix like a pro, it’s not the DAW that you’re learning during tutorials it’s HOW to mix, the important aspect is that Cubase has all the core components to a fully matured standard to achieve this. I can learn from people who use Pro Tools, Logic, Studio One… etc. it shouldn’t matter.

Yeah exactly this.

The post is just a mish-mash of terrible ideas mixed with mis-information.

While I respect your ideas concerning the feature-evolution of cubase (you are like we all free to suggest and wish whatever you like), I am questioning the rest of your statements absolutely. First: You do not represent the whole user base. Second: What do you know about the inner organisation of Steinberg and its way of working? I am working as an advisor for IT-Organisations (with “some” experience in that) and I find your suggestions and viewpoints full of prejudice and lack of knowhow in that area.
Please let us alone with this type of postings. Focus on what features and improvements you want in the product. This is the area where voices in a forum can cound. Thx.

thank you all
I did not mean to offend of this company, because what I wrote was motivated by love
However, Cubase does not yet support HiDpi mode …
from version 10 they promised
See this topic people clearly upset

alot of other topic in other forums a lot of people moved to other DAWs
users are decreasing
I did not find any studio working with the Cubase until now, even those who were working with Cubase moved to other programs
I did not see alot of videos on YouTubers
I did not say that I would like to learn to mix like a pro
I mentioned as an example
I mean, for example, if someone wrote this thing on YouTube searches, videos of Cubase rarely appear
i mentiond that to marketing plan

And I hope to see this program spread more

This was my opinion …

I respect all of you
Thank you

I’d agree with this however you do see a lot of demos of plugins being shown off on Cubase.

i’ve got no idea if the userbase of Cubase is deceasing I’d imagine not. You can’t look at a forum and make that kind of assumption.

What Ehabmxd is implying would require a total rewrite of Cubase - a very ambitious and costly venture. Instead, Steinberg would be better off to continue listening to users and implement improvements. They could also use competitive benchmarking to see what works very well in their competitors’ DAWs and what doesn’t. Superior features could be improved on and added to subsequent Cubase versions…or perhaps Steinberg is already doing this :wink:.

I too want them to succeed, but it seems management would rather release new products like Backbone, Cubasis for Android than to fix their flagship product GUI which is completely broken on Windows.

I think this is a really bad idea. But the management must not see fixing their flagship HiDPI and GUI as making money in their budget vs releasing new niche products.

But it is causing their ecosystem to fall apart, as people leave to DAWs that have a working GUI and more positive fans.

I hope they fix this ASAP!

And to fix crashes easier, they need the ability to upload crash reports somewhere like an email address or web form.

The grass isn’t much greener, at least for Windows users. Studio One is pretty looking, but it’s shallow. It’s a child’s play thing in comparison. So what is the alternative? What else has the functionality of Cubase? It sucks that they won’t fix the GUI but I still use it daily and it gets the job done far better than other software.

Also Cubasis is a very good in-road for Steinberg to attract new users. As well as the feature set Cubase has, who else has a working DAW on both major tablet platforms. You can’t knock them for ‘not’ attracting users when they clearly ‘are’.

Also, the truth of the matter is that youtube videos are all based on subscriber counts and thus supply and demand. If Cubase was as easy to pirate as Ableton, Studio One, Logic etc. then it would be everywhere on such platforms as the demand exists. That’s in no way indicative of actual sales, however.

The way i see it is that Cubase has a large percentage whose userbase is experienced users who don’t need step by step guides to create 808 slides, instead they’re getting their heads down and producing music. Anyone who’s seen their fair share of DAW usage can see the features packed into Cubase, and should be able to appreciate what it offers to them.

I use Nuendo actually - but I am new and I did not even know it was a more feature rich version of Cubase for almost 1 month in. I didn’t realize I could watch Cubase Youtube videos or read the Cubase forums to learn new tricks or fix things.

Also many controllers and such say compatible with Cubase but not Nuendo (although they setup the same). But Nuendo users can use Cubase resources 95% of the time and it is going ok!

Because of the 4K HiDPI GUI bugs however, I still use Bitwig and Ableton for creativity - but Nuendo has the features I need for post. I hope I can switch to Nuendo/Cubase full time once the plugins and menus are fixed. Also, I really like the Cubasis iPad app as well, it is quite good and I want to spend more time with it if I ever get to travel again after CV!

I think eventually they should combine the names of Cubase/Nuendo somehow to get economies of scale on overall buzz, SEO and Youtube content.

In my view Cubase has more Youtube videos then any other DAW. There is also Club Cubase with Google Hangouts. These are typically over 3 hr. in length. Right now for the last couple of months new videos are being produced every couple of days. There is a ton of new content on Youtube about Cubase. If you haven’t seen it I wonder why not?

Most of us I believe have chosen Cubase because we like it. True any DAW can be better but to ask a developer to fundamentally change the program in a way that the user base wont recognize it is preposterous and presumptuous.

I am not talking about YouTube content for Steinberg channels
I suggested a marketing plan to bring in new users
I wrote and explained that all I mean is agreement with youtubers to further market the program

And if the company has added features like touch support and others

Does this mean that I want a new program ??
I only suggest features

with some new hardware devices

I feel that the dongle is the biggest obstacle for new owners. You can’t demo Cubase Pro without the dongle, you’re limited to the single machine (Unless you travel with the dongle), and pirates can’t “try before they buy”. There’s a reason Studio One and Ableton gets so much love, so many freeriders on those wagons!

I was hesitating on moving to Cubase for a year because of the dongle, it was only when the crossgrade sale happened last year that i decided to give it a try. Before that i wasn’t prepared to buy a dongle just to demo the software for 30 days. It seemed mad that i had to pay for the privilege.

You’re also basing this ‘marketing plan’ on the presumption that Steinberg/Cubase are dramatically losing their userbase. But, You can’t have a plan unless you know the facts:-
A) Are they losing users?
B) What are the reasons?

You can’t even answer the first question, so can’t begin to devise a plan. It’s like trying to fix someones arm who’s isn’t broken.

It’s been called ‘Cubendo’ for a loooong long time already.

I think the typical reply is that you can demo Cubase Elements without a dongle for 30 days, however not Cubase Pro or other versions. Of course the potential customer then has to go to the comparison chart to read about the differences between Cubase Pro and Elements or any other version which IMO is a hurdle for a new sale.

Well said.

User passion is high among DAWs. But unless your hobby is focused on the DAW itself like this guy has done for years…
…its best to move on and use what you feel works best for you to achieve your end result. Turn in feature requests, but remember most everyone’s workflow and skill level is unique. Almost daily I read about goals that can be resolved with PLE/LE, but the user is new or not aware. Everyone’s DAW desires are different. Theres a huge difference working on a single laptop and ITB only…compared to a project studio with 4 larger monitors and outboard gear. Tom Holkenborgs desires are different than mine. If your forum feature request resounds with others, they look at it for implementation. Be aware that extremely simple requests…even closing a Cubase window, or adding a tiny on/off button can be very difficult and costly to implement. Re-arranging tracks in the mix consoles request is huge, but I’m pretty sure difficult based on a host of reasons. I bet it will eventually happen.

No one, other than the developers to my knowledge, have market research revealing units sold or actual sales numbers. IMO, speculation based user subjectivity, especially posts without any backing, makes anyone look silly or at best…lost credibility. Forum polls represent just a small fraction of users and on-line websites often have an agenda. I think relative to the competition, Steinberg does quite a bit of market research, and thankfully these days more of it aimed at professional users.