Modifiers for Primary Selection Tool request threads LOCKED.

I’ve noticed that 2 threads requesting this feature have been locked to comments around 19 months ago.
Does this mean the feature is coming, is never coming, or do we just keep requesting it?

It’s driving me nuts every day having to hit ‘1’ to scroll through the 3 primary selection tools, when the only one i ever use is the Primary Selection one. The option to ALT-click it to lock it in its current state (or have all 3 options keycommanded would be amazing, i’d pay money for that.

Those are in the Cubase 8 Feature Request sub-forum. When a new version of Cubase, like 9, comes out the entire request forum for the previous version gets locked since there will be no new features added to the older version. So don’t read any hidden meaning into the lock.

Without irony, I suggest you upvote this topic: