Modifying velocities

When you input notes step by step with a midi keyboard, velocities are often not pertinent (sometimes too high, sometimes too low).
Is there a way to “smooth” these inadequate velocities ? (and is there functions to transform velocities ?)
And/Or is there a way not to take in account the velocities coming from the keyboard ?

When you record using real-time input, the velocities you play are preserved; this is not the case when you input music in step-time, however. You can edit velocities in Play mode, or indeed remove them altogether so that Dorico will instead play dynamics based on the written dynamics in the score, and otherwise you can edit them using the velocity editor in the Key Editor.

I think Dorico humanizes the velocities by default but you can change this in playback settings.

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Thanks Daniel, but how do I “remove” the velocities ?

You can use Play > Reset Playback Overrides.

I tried but it does nothing :frowning:

Well, what exactly are you expecting it to do? Notes can’t have no velocities, or they won’t sound, but Reset Playback Overrides sets them back to what Dorico calculates they should be, considering the written dynamic in the music.

Ah ok, I didn’t understand that.