Modulation Matrix Velocity Curve will not Update on Macro Page

I trie to connect the Velocity Curve from the Modulation Matrix to the Curve Editor Template.
There is also a Custom User Preset for Load and Save some Curves. The connection between the Matrix and the Template works. After Changing to the Custom Mode I can hear and see the changes on the Macro Page that I make on the Page and also see it in the Mod Matrix View.
After loading a preset, the view in the Mod Matrix will change to the saved curve, but not in the Curve Template.
I change different settings and also play with the “Play Position” Parameter in the Curve Template. But I can’t fix it.

Here you will see what I’m trying. Maybe someone can help. Thanks a lot.

No one? Nobody else have this problem or know something? Maybe this is a bug?

Yes, same here. The Curve Editor template doesn’t update when loading presets.

So it could be a bug? How can I report that?

You could change the tags of this topic. Maybe #halion-6 #macro-page-design #issue

I could do that, if I find a function to do this…

This is a bug that I already reported ages ago. The Curve Editor control also does not react, if the scope has changed.

It seemed not to be important enough to get mended. :frowning_face:

Thats really sad. I hope that this is not a big problem to fix it and they will do it soon.