Some wishes/ideas/suggestions for the Future

Last summer I started to build my own Instruments with HALion 6 and in the beginning I have a lot of problems to bring everything to work. The manual did not really help in many ways for a beginner like me. It is also difficult to find some good videos or instructions so I did a lot of try and error and that was really frustrating. But I learned and now I can say I can figure out a lot of things on my own but there are a few features that could be added or adjusted. I don’t know what is possible because I’m not a software engineer. Maybe some things are bits and pieces and only to speed up the workflow, but others not.

  • I don’t know if this is a bug or if there is another way, I createt a Topic for this Problem. It is how to load and show saved Velocity Curves from the Mod Matrix.
    Modulation Matrix Velocity Curve will not Update on Macro Page

  • There should be some more Templates for Example for the “Studio EQ” so that you can see the “EQ Curve” and maybe that you also can draw your own curve like in the Envelope Template. Also for the Compressor.

  • At least a visually view of the “LFO Curve” so you can see how the Curve changes to your adjustment. Or a Template like the Env Curve Template.

  • A better Template for the “Sample Display”. Some functions are not easy to use for example the “Reverse” Mode. It takes some time and some help here in this Forum (Many thanks to misohoza) to find out how to realise this. Also that it is possible that you can see how the “Crossfade” or the “Fade In/Out” is set. In the “Edit/Sample” view you can see all this. I don’t need a fully Edit window. It is enough that you can see what you are doing.

  • An automatic update function for the connectet Parameters if you change a Layer/Zone name. After changing a Template Name with connectet Parameters you will be ask if you like to preserve the Parameters. That would be a very nice feature if this works also with the Layer or Zone Names. During the work on an Instrument I sometimes change Layers or Zones to find out what is the best way. It takes a lot of time to reconnect all Parameters if you change something.

  • A function in the Programm Tree that you can disconnect connectet Parameters. Sometimes I see that a Parameter is connectet but I can’t find the Connection. Maybe that is because of some Copy/Paste actions from one to another Instrument or Zone/Layer.

  • The “Attach” Function is a little bit confusing if you build your own Templates. I never know how to set everything so that it works. So I deconstruct everything and build it manually on the Macro Page. That also takes time.

  • In the Envelope Section, if I right click on an Env Point, I can connect the Point to the Macro Page. But only to the “Offset” and not to the Point of the Curve. Why? How could I add the real Env Point to a Knob or Slider. Only with scripting?

  • In the Parameter List there are a lot of Parameters I don’t know what they are for. Some you can change, some not or I can’t find out what they are doing. It is possible to categorize them in some way? Or is there a complete List with all Parameters and a short Information what tey are for?

  • More possibilitys for the Mod Matrix. More Source/Destination Parameters. For Example an OSC as a Source so one OSC could modulate an other OSC.

  • A better way to step back from the Template or Ressource View to the GUI View. Why not add a Button for the Macro Page View. If I build or change Templates I often change the views and the Templates and then I have to Step back a lot of times to come back to the Page.

  • A “Remember” Function. If I change between Programs in the Table and come back to the Program I’m working on, I have to search for the Stack/Group/Function I was working on. Sometimes I only see the “Main Stack” and have to step down to the right Stack/Group/Function, sometimes I’m somewhere on the Macro Page. And also that I first have to klick the Stack to come to the right Function and to see it. For Example - I have some Stacks for different Pages. Inside I have other Stacks and Groups. Now I like to Edit a Menue in a specific Group but I’m on an other Side in an other Stack. The Stacks and Groups are expanded so I can see everything that is on the Page. If I select the menue, I only see the red frame of the Menue Template but I stay on the same Page, I have to select the Stack where the Group is inside and after that I’m in the right Place. Maybe it is possible that the view jumps directly to the right place.

  • I also have problems with scripting. I don’t know much about this. I sometimes can understand what is going on, but I don’t know how to programm this. So I checked some of the Examples on the Developer Page. It is not easy to understand all this, also that my english is not so good for this. But I can’t bring them to work. I try to rebuild the Example for the “onLoadSubPreset” but I don’t know how to handle the “p1” and “p2”. What are they for? That is only an example. Maybe there is a way to give some more information about this.

So I think that is enough for the Moment. I know, HALion is a complex Software and there are a lot of things to do. But hopefully some of my wishes/suggestions/ideas find a way to get integratet. Many Thanks for that.

Born001 I hope you don’t mind me adding it to the list but there definitely needs to be a video showing how to use the library and the preparations you need to have in place when doing the final build for sharing or selling your instruments…every video I have seen whether its from the Steinberg Team a Computer Music special and youtube videos they always skip the last bit the videos need to be when using samples for your instrument to export and the same for the Zones showing all the pitfalls so it shaves a ton of time off struggling to get things done. Thanks


100% agreed! :+1: :+1:
The lack of advanced video tutorials for the creation of sample libraries/instruments with Halion, and especially the final library build and presets creation, is a huge bummer. :disappointed:

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Thanks for your agreement.
There is an older german Video Tutorial that I started with and in the end there is explained how to export your instrument with the Library Creator. I think that some things in this video are not relevant anymore because of little Updates. But maybe it helps if you understand it.

Once again without a cape and still, a hero great video nice German guy knows his stuff I managed to get everything done it’s now a library in Sonic 3 I just need to see if I can get it into Sonic SE and working. Once again thank you very much and Bravo mate.

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