molto espressivo

I am trying to input the espression text ‘molto espressivo’. I understand that to add it as a dynamic I have to include the immediate dynamic (‘p’) and then hide it but Dorico will always interpret the text ‘p molto espress.’ as ‘molto p espress.’ no matter the order I type.

Any clues as to how to reproduce the attached?
Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 09.43.06.png

Having entered a dynamic, look to the properties panel. Remove “molto” from the prefix box and add it to the suffix box.

For what it’s worth, because of such shenanigans I ended up defining an “Expression text” paragraph style that I now use most of the time.
(Being more royal than the king, inputting these markings as dynamics doesn’t quite fit into Dorico’s semantic approach anyway, does it?)

Update, having actually tried it: it’s probably easiest to add a dynamic, then turn on the Suffix property, then type molto espress. into the Suffix box. Then hide the intensity marking.

I think, it would be smart if Dorico detects the position of “molto” in the text entered into the popover and chooses “prefix” or “suffix” automatically…

I think so too. Otherwise the popovers are no time savers.

The development team have evidently decided that it’s smarter if “molto” is detected as part of the immediate dynamic - not the same thing as a prefix.