Monitor 4k For Cubase

Hi guys. Which monitor 4k you recommend for Cubase? Thanks

I actually don’t recommend a 4k monitor, unless its larger than 43 inches.

Thanks Steve Which monitor you would recommend?

Personally, I hit the sweet spot for my purposes with two cheap monitors. I think it’s difficult to by a bad display these days, since gaming requires such high specs, even cheapos work for daws.

My two displays are a 32 inch 2560x1440 Acer (ET322QU) and a 22 inch 1920x1080 Acer SB220Q. I arrange them like this:
(I use the vertical space for sheet music)

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Ah ok. I have a 27 inch Acer Predator monitor XB 3 2560 x 1440. Thanks Steve

Yeah, you’re good to go. If you need more space buy another! Or save your money

Thanks Steve for your advise. I appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a 2-monitor setup quite similar as above, but changed 8 months ago for a single 4k, and I greatly prefer this setup!
I got the LG Ergo flexible arm and can’t say enough good things about it.
The comfort of always having the monitor at the right position is gold to me.
As a bonus: the included USB-C cable plugs directly into my iPad Pro (no dongles) or into my laptop, and it doubles as a charger.
Gadgets aside, the picture quality is perfect for the job.

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That is a nice high-end monitor. I actually checked it out recently- but since I already have my 32" on an articulating arm, I bought a second chepie.

How are you handling the embarrassingly bad HiDPi plugin debacle that continues to plague us, the ‘early’ adopters of the ‘virginal’ tech that known as a 4K monitor?! (spoiler: i’m getting kinda def up with this now lol…)
Do you simply turn off HiDPi and run in a lower cloudier blurrier mess? …

A 4k monitor (3840x2160) has 4x the pixel count of regular full-HD (1920x1080), but if you run it 1:1 without any scaling, the text is crazy-small and unreadable unless you sit close to a 40-inch+ screen.

So I had to apply some scaling, but found a recipe without any blurring (can’t stand it!) and that still gives more info than using 2x full-HD screens.

I’m not at home right now and don’t have access to the details here.
So, instead of relying on my unreliable memory… I’ll get back with details in a few days.
I know the image is 100% crisp, not blurry at all and I have a ton of info on screen.

And BTW, I also have a 4k 15-inch on my laptop and love it… after figuring the right settings…

there’s a menu on every plugin to allow to resize so regardless of the plugin itself being hidpi or not Cubase will resize it.

I have no issues with ANY plugins and I don’t have great eyesight either.

I’m on a 32 inch 4k monitor.


Yeah, that resize option really doesn’t work on all plugins though i’m afraid. I’m a big user of Native Instruments and Waves and they both fall very short on support unfortunately… 4K 32" user here too.

I use several plugins from both without issues.
Anything specific?
I’ll gladly share my recipe when I get back home.

I run a 32” 4k monitor and find at full scale it’s ok. I don’t like scaling as it seems pointless having a 4k monitor.

you must have fresh, young eyes.

No I have glasses for computer screens which work remarkably well :slight_smile:

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right on!

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Hello @Y-D
Could you also share your recipe with me?
I’m having a really hard time getting rid of blurry waveforms.


I ‘ve got a Samsung 50’’ QLED screen, around 1.8m away, resolution is 4096x2160, scaling set to 200%, image is super sharp, everything readable and crisp. Hope that helps