Monitoring during recording in Cubase 10

Hello everyone.
How do i monitor a track whilst recording and in the same time hearing the playback of the previous take and the live input before punch into recording?

*This is something that I was doing easily in Reaper, Logic Pro and Studio One, but now that I returned after many years back to Cubase, I cannot figure out how to do this simple thing.


Enable Monitor button on the Recorded tracks and disable Monitor button on all other tracks.

You can not monitor input and already recorded data of the same track at the same time, unless you monitor the input via your soundcard.


You can monitor the input signal:

  • Monitor On: Cubase doesn’t playback what is recorded in the track. Cubase pass thru the incoming audio signal (including all plug-ins) of the track.

  • Monitor Off: Cubase playback what is recorded in the track. Cubase doesn’t pass thru the incoming audio signal of the track.

Hello guys, thanks for responding.
What I want to do is to have the monitor button(the little icon speaker) engaged and still be able to listen what is already written on that track.
I tried everything, all different monitoring modes but I cannot achieve that.
A practical example:
I have inside the studio the vocalist who he has already recorded from bar no1 until bar no8.
Now, he asks me to listen to his recorded track and at bar no5 to punch in to make a correction.
But he wants in the same time that he is listening the previous bars(no1 to no5) to he be able to listen his live voice in order to sing together with his playback voice and find the same mood until the time that we will punch in to record on bar no5.
This is a very common task in my daily workflow and in the other DAWs I mentioned before, this is a default procedure on monitoring.
I know that I could monitor the live inputs from the dsp mixer of my sound card, but this is something that I don’t want because 1) Each time I record live a group, I’ll have to manage with one more mixer and 2nd) I will not use the amazing functionality of the control room of Cubase.
It seems that what I want is not possible in Cubase - I had the hope that maybe there was a “secret” preference for this.

*A different and perhaps easiest example is: an audio track to have the same behaviour as an instrument track in terms of when you have (e.g.) a midi piano instrument track and you want to record on top of that by adding some more notes, you can listen the already prerecorded track and in the same time the live piano from your keyboard. Simple as that.

Yes, that’s a handy feature in Logic. AFAIK, you can’t do that in Cubase. What you have to do is create a second audio track which shares the same input as the one you’re recording into and turn on monitoring for that second track. In other words, create a track that is only used for monitoring.

Select Tapestyle Monitoring…

PS. I have assigned a key command to toggle through the different monitoring options.

He wants to hear both the input from the vocalist and the recorded audio until he gets to the punch in point. You can do that in Logic. Correct if i’m wrong but, even with tapestyle monitoring, you can only hear one or the other in Cubase.

No you can ´t - see my previous post.


Then use Punch In function. And I believe there is a preferences to set the right Monitor. Something like in Record only.

Well, yes…and no. You can do it in cubase, but it requires the use of a second track as I described above.

Yes this exactly.

All my templates have an Input Monitor that sits on the left right next to all the inputs.

It is super easy to use. By default it monitors the main vocal mic input. To use it I turn its Mute Button off. That’s it.

If I want to monitor a different input, then just change the routing. If you frequently want to monitor several sources put several of these in your template. It is also configured with a reverb send, Tuner Insert, and compressor that can be enabled if I want to hear that in my phones.

This is the EZ way to have set & (mostly) forget monitoring from within Cubase.

Well, no…

Which is not what was asked.

Yes, as is so often the case in these situations, it can be done in Cubase, but it might require some preparation :slight_smile:. But, as you say, doing it this way actually has some advantages.

the real problem is that while you will hear yourself with the “other” monitor enabled track ,the actual record enabled track that you record too, won’t playback the previous recorded take when you record on that track again. so basically you need second track to record at to do this.!!
maybe its a good idea to post in the FR posts if you need this kind of workflow .
AFAIK its not possible to achieve otherwise

Well… in my case it’s not so easy because I mainly record groups (drums, bass guitar. violin, vocals etc) so many times I have to deal with more than 12 tracks simultaneously to record. Many times they ask me to go back and punch in bla bla…
In a pro situation you have to respond quickly to client’s needs.
Can someone suggest me where I can request Steinberg to add this feature? Is there any specified place where Steinberg watch requests from clients?

yes exactly! what is the FR? I’d like somehow to request to Steinberg if there is any hope for adding this feature.

edit* Ahh ok I see, you mean the page here about "Feature Requests and Suggestions "

sorry.reading your second post, i see that i didn’t understand correctly your situation, i thought you want to do like a loop record when the artist hear himself while you record on the same track and he also hears the previous take while you record.
basically you need to do what GlennO posted

the FR forum for cubase in this link…

just out of curiosity, in the other DAWs how did you match level the recorded audio and the real time monitored signal on the same track ? what if you need to adjust those ?
edit:just a little tip that might ease when record multi mic.
for example 12 track of drums,make all routing put to folder,copy that folder, and you can quickly enable record for the first folder and enable monitor for the 2nd folder ,within the folder track itself.

Even with multiple Inputs the same concept can work although the initial setup gets more complex. If for example you have your drums miced on the Kick & Snare (keeping it simple) you could create a monitor channel for each of those 2 mics and listen to them. You can listen to multiple inputs if you change your “monitoring bus” from an audio channel to a group channel.

The way you manage this in Cubase 10 is through routing. I assume you need to deal with this right now and not some vague time in the future. While setting up routing may be clunkier than you’d like, it is super flexible when needed. The trick is to anticipate the various flavors of live monitoring configurations you will typically use/need and build those into your Templates. Hide 'em in a folder until needed. Keep in mind that if you are setup to monitor a drum kit with 12 mics that will work for a kit with 2 mics too. By separating monitoring into “stuff Cubase is playing” and “stuff coming into the inputs” you can control them separately so you could have a singer hear what they have already recorded at one level and what they are currently singing at a different level.

There are a couple of often overlooked things that can be useful when configuring routing. Direct Routing (available near the bottom of the Rack not the top’s regular Routing) lets you route the channel to multiple destinations (up to 8, nest them if more are needed). In Audio Connections you can create multiple input buses for the same physical input. So you could have your single kick mic show up as 3 independent Input Channels with different names which can be processed and used differently.

And don’t forget those Channel Sends are just another way to route stuff.

If I were you I’d start off by creating one “monitor bus” for every physical input. Heck stick them all in MixConsole 2 or 3 and you can have a separate mixer just for your inputs.