Monitoring latency

I opened a project that I originally recorded about 5 years ago. I set up a new audio tract to record a new instrument and there is a noticeable latency in the monitoring. It happens when I monitor any tract. Toontrack, Native Instruments, built in Cubase software or plain audio. I have my buffer size set at 256 which is what I always use. I have had similar problems in the past, but usually only on one tract and can solve it by opening a new VST instrument and transferring the midi from the old to new track. The only thing I can think of in this last instance is I may have changes the bit resolution form 16 to 32 bit float. As I understand it that should not create this problem.

Any thoughts
Buck Whiteway

Does using the constrain delay compensation button help??

Where would I find the contain delay button?

That would be constrain…

Check if you have some plugin on the output channel.