MONO Button on Master Fader

This is a feature I found REALLY useful in Studio One. Basically just a toggable mono button on the master fader to quickly check mono compatibility. At the moment I am having to open a insert on the master to check, which by the time you have opened/edited/closed way too much mouseclicks than required. It would be also really handy to have the same button situated in the transport panel also. this would make checking mono compatibility a breeze from the arrangement page. even better with a shortcut assigned :smiley:

I believe it is possible to monitor in mono in the control room but for many people the control room is not a requirement and It would be really nice to have it on the master out.

A very simple but very effective improvement imo

It’s handy, I currently leave a copy of stereo enhancer with the mono button checked on my master bus. Would love to reclaim that insert slot though.

Yeah im using Brainworx Solo on there to do the same job but the stereo enhancer is a good call, i didn’t think of it at the time. It’s not so much the insert slot that bothers me, its the fact that you need to click to open the insert/ click mono/ unclick mono/ click to close it and so on.

if there were a simple toggable button on the stereo out fader and transport bar then it would be so much slicker. especially with a shortcut!

So what are your reasons for not using the Control Room feature - which would make this all a non-issue?

For a long time I figured I didn’t need the CR, that it was primarily geared toward large professional studios. I’ve since changed my mind and find it one of Cubase’s best features - even though my HW interface will perform a lot of the functions of the CR, I still use it in nearly every project.

You probably won’t need every feature, nor might you need every type of output on tap, I don’t. Add the fact that with presets you can completely reconfigure the entire virtual control room and tailor it to your needs. A preset for recording yourself, another artist, multiple artists, standard mixing, multichannel (surround) mixing.

Take the time to wrap your head around it. It’ll be time well spent. It just makes so many things so much simpler.

Control Room will change your life.

Please at least give it a shot.

Just wondering what are the benefits of using Control Room if you already have Near Zero latency Monitoring via an interface, for example, Motu’s Cuemix?

I’m producing electronic music which is almost exclusively ITB apart from A Virus. Personally, For me there is very little benefit from the Control Room. I absolutely do not doubt that it’s great for anyone recording via multiple inputs though.

Real estate is another reason. A tiny icon does not take up a large chunk of my screen :slight_smile:
Control Room also needs to be configured so that auditioning in media bay will still work (not much of a problem I know)

I actually noticed a Massive amount of people had already been asking for this after I posted So it seems i’m not alone in what I believe to be a common sense addition :smiley:

The Control room is not just for recording sessions, but gives total control over monitoring allowing not only control of multiple monitor configurations but also offering alternative plugin configurations for a single monitoing pair.
Cubase is a very powerful tool, but if you aren’t prepared to invest a little time in investigating it’s potential - well that’s just your loss…

Regarding screen real estate, do you know you can turn the control room window off and use a keycommand to select the mono preset?

Another alternative if you’re dead set against the CR:
On your Stereo out bus, change the standard Stereo Balance Panner to a Stereo Combined Panner. When you want mono simply pan full to either Left or Right and you will have Mono. Not only is it mono but it only comes out of one speaker as a true mono source should.


Thanks for the suggestions. some valid points but I think it would just be much easier to have a singe button on the master fader/transport panel. I understand that the Control Room is awesome for you but I don’t think anyone would disagree that putting two SIMPLE buttons wouldn’t be a improvement. Hence my suggestion :slight_smile:


Plus option to configure to send mono to left or right speaker only (at same perceived level as stereo/dual mono) please.

I’d be curious to know if most or all of who is voting for the addition of a mono button on the master fader has ever even tried using the Control Room. I hate to be a stickler here, but if you want any kind of control over your monitoring, anything that is more powerful and feature filled than your standard stereo output bus (this includes being able to monitor in stereo and mono via a stereo/mono switch)… then look no further.

Yes Control Room takes up real-estate in the mixer window, but not that much. I rarely ever use my inputs, I don’t use the cue mixes, I only use one stereo output bus for my monitoring and so don’t actually get to use the speaker switcher, but yet I still find the Control Room invaluable. The metering capabilities alone are worth the real-estate. Of all the potential functions and features that Steinberg should work on, adding a mono button on the master fader would be on the bottom of my list because its already a feature if you are using Cubase to its fullest.

That being said, It’s probably not that much work for them to actually implement this feature.

No its probably rather easy, but I’m 99% sure they won’t.
It’s a monitoring solution, and all other monitoring solutions are in the control room section, just as it should be…

I agree with those above that suggest you try to learn the control room, it will make your life easier and when you realise it’s power, you may just feel a bit silly for not trying to putting it into your workflow earlier.

It’s like havin a SSL console, and patching the master mix output to your speakers and ignoring the monitor section.
Although the Nuendo control room is much more powerful in every way.

I might point out the metering can still be used when the CR is disabled - but as you say it would take up the same real estate, so I guess it’s also a miss for some.
I don’t understand why you’d get a full Cubase Pro and only use a small percentage of it’s potential, might as well have saved some money and bought Elements or Artist, or just use the free AI.

I use pretty much everything apart from Control Room. Control Room is not the only exclusive feature of “Pro”. Perhaps you should look at the comparison chart.

As powerful as control room is…Its totally not required and a little bit over the top for quick mono compatibility checks. There are much easier/better methods . I also notice its the same names rejecting most suggestions in this forum lol!! In the name of Evolution and Improvement, thank god you don’t work for steinberg!!! Over and out :slight_smile:

I dont really get it.
Activating the control room and routing it to your speaker outputs and assigning a keycommands to the mono switch and you are done.
You don’t have to use any other feature if you choose not to.

Why on earth do you think steinberg would add extra monitor features to output channels just because you just can’t be bothered when it has existed for years already?

Personally I wouldn’t really mind if they did implement it, I would definetly never use it, but that’s not relevant. I just can’t see a single good reason to implement it.

And by the way there are no master faders in Cubendo as such. They are output faders and with the feature implemented that would mean that you might accidentally change outputs into mono that are not just you monitor path.

What would your clients say if your mix minus vocals where in mono…

ErikG touched on an important concept there. The Control Room isolates one from altering the settings and gain structure of the Output Channel, which is the channel used for mixdown.
See about 3:25

The reason I disagree with your suggestion is simple. The function does not belong there.
It’s a monitoring function.

Right now you want Mono, next you’ll want the Dim and Listen functions implemented, and then you’ll want AFL/PFL - all integrated into the “master” fader - they don’t belong there - simple as that.

Use an external monitor controller - the Bigknob (among many others) has this function, or use the Control Room, but don’t expect them to bastardize the output faders just because you don’t want to do things properly.

Actually yeah, this is a very good reason not to implement such a feature. The whole point of having a mono compatibility button, as such, is to simply monitor your mix in mono without actually altering the mixdown (exactly what the Control Room offers), the point is not to sum your stereo channels into a mono source that will alter the mixdown, which is what a stereo/mono button on the master fader would do.

+1 again for a mono button on the master fader. I do use the control room but not for every project.

Regards :sunglasses:

On my analogue Allen and Heath 24 Channel Mixing Desk, the Master Section does actually have a Mono button and a Mono Master Fader (as well as a Stereo Master Fader - obviously). Pretty standard for a real desk. Therefore I don’t think requesting a Mono Button on the Virtual Master Fader of a DAW is such a tall order.