Mono L duplicated into stereo L/R in stereo-tracks

Howdy ho people! In this here project I have a stereo-track that is part of a heavy design-project, in dire need of some sweet sweet Boss DS1-distortion, but for pretty obvious reasons - this being a guitar pedal and all - it needs to be true mono all way through, re-amped through a Prism-system. The effects I wanna place afterwards though, really needs to be in stereo. Are there any way to take track inserts-pipeline channel 1 and split it up into both 1 and 2 (ie, L and R) like on a true patchbay? Are there perchance any VST’s hiding out there doing this? Just to have it said: I’ve already been combing teh Interwebz, only finding stereo-wideners.
So far I’ve come somewhat close to a solution using several tracks (effect sends here are out of the question for several reasons), but that’s an awful lot of work for something I could easily do in analouge mixes with three cables and a cheap splitting amplifier. Or even just the cables and a parallell-set patchbay.
Also, OARN - as this as far as I can tell is not a feature presently available in Nuendo, it is something I really hopes Steinberg will look into for the future, as a good patch-system with free routing can seriously make a very huge difference.

Cheers in advance, people. might be able to do what you want if the effects allow it.

Regretfully, no. That was the first thing I tried. And what I meant when I said I hope Steinberg will do some improvements.

Are the stereo FX after the DS-1 ITB/Plugins or external?

Would routing the mono output of your original track into a stereo group get you where you want to go?

That kind of seems analogous to your physical patchbay example. This assumes I’m reading your original post correctly.

Yes, that’s actually how I do it right now, but part of the problem, a smaller one, is that I always try to simplify things to save both processor and time. But what really became an issue in this very project was that I’ve used up an awful lot of processing on other buses already that can’t get frozen down, which of course is totally okay as, well, they are buses and what has to be done just simply has to be done. For example, six different mono-rain-files will simply work better collectively processed instead of each one having their own processing. But I also have several tracks here (it’s a surreal scene from a movie I once did that I’will use as a showreel) that are absolutely blasted with both analogue and plugin effects, and not being able to freeze them down means I have to spend a lot of energy on optimizing everything else instead, which can be pretty frustrating.

This do however also lead to the related thing I brought up - I would really really love a more flexible routing-system, where I can snuff off channels as I please where I please (in th chain, that is), or rout them to bypass freely, like if I wanna use two different effects on Left and Right without the two affecting each other, just bypassing the channel not wanted for each effect. Working mainly as a sound designer, there’d be soooo much mayhem I’d be able to do using something like that, and the ability to rout a single channel in a multi-channel setup to several simultaneous destinations, not even necessarily the same one at all :slight_smile: