Mono/Stereo icons disappear from mixer

…when you zoom in too far. Too soon imho. They’ve disappeared already and there’s still plenty of room. Can you make them visible for longer, please?

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Yep , ive spoken about this but someone in the forum said it’s alright for him and that all that mattered , the icons have been totally moved due to the clicking to change from Mono Stereo , i was told just to zoom out ( ahahaha yeh right 200 track project ?) each time i wanted to see the icon .
I think a feature return request is needed to get momentum on this , is a silly over sight imo
Cubase 13 Mix console Mono Stereo visibility icons gone? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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Thanks for the like but could you vote too please? :smiley: Cheers

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I’ve run out of votes for some reason , i certainly would if i had one because this is really a crucial visual aid on the mixer Imo


This is not true at all.

The result was this:

This is a reply due to being tagged by Martin

I have nothing else to say to you Martin : If you choose to be a speed poster and not read what is plainly in front then , i have no words for replies , you did the same yesterday , someone stating they are having issues BUT HAVE NO CRASH DUMPS but you asked them to post crash dumps .

I’ve answered your question and others feel the same so the SOLUTION IS NOT SOLVED


PS , because you don’t see any use for this it moves no further forward

There’s loads of post over the forum where you state "well it’s alright here " .

Ive already asked and wrote a message to Steve asking if you could please refrain from posting n my threads because there really is some sort of language issue here . Every time you give an incorrect answer and i stand up to it , i receive an OFFICiAL warning .

You think disappearing icons that tell you which tracks are mono and stereo is ok , NO again it’s a regression for visually impaired people , FACT

Getting back on track, it’s not been fixed in 13.0.20, sadly. We need to get this up the list of priorities somehow.