mono track -> stereo track

Hey all,

Is there an easy way to do this? Is there a function that can simply make a mono track (and / or it’s events) into stereo? If there isn’t, why isnt there? :smiley: Just sayyyyyyin

Whats wrong with Cubase stereo delay?

I don’t know if any plugin is going to generate any sort of difference information thats gonna be any more interesting than copying detuning, pan, etc.

Otherwise you’re going towards chorus and that sort of stuff.

What exactly did you have in mind? You want difference information created from a mono source. What do you want Cubase to do? Do you really want Cubase to do it for you?

*Not that I haven’t thought of it before too.

Obviously he wants to switch a mono track to a stereo track. Insert a stereo FX into a mono track, and you have found why this can be helpful sometimes.

Aloha guys and interesting thread.

IMHO there is no way to truly make a mono track into a stereo
track. The track has to be recorded in stereo from the git-go.

As mentioned there are ways to ‘effect’ a mono track so it appears
to sound in stereo. But no amount of recording/DAW magic can really give
you what was not there in the first place.

You can get close. But no cigar.

Old guy story:
I had a client a numbers of years back that insisted on
recording/editing/mixing an entire project all in mono.
(his cheque cleared so who was I to argue?)

Once we were all done he spent mucho more $$$ to send off his work to
one of the big houses to be mastered IN STEREO!!!

He said that doing it that way made his music sound way more ‘in yo face’.

And he may have been right!

But unfortunately I never heard from him again or the results of the mastering;
but it was quite an experience in recording/producing music.

My 1st and only all mono project.



it seems I haven’t been clear. I’m not looking to make a mono track SOUND like its in stereo, i’m merely looking to make the track STEREO in one fell swoop. Why? well… have you ever tried to apply a stereo reverb effect to a mono track? in comes out as a summed down mono version of the stereo effect. So, in order to hear in STEREO, you have to convert the track to a stereo track to facilitate a stereo effect. NOW… this involves creating a new STEREO track and then transferring all events to this stereo track OR exporting the track back into the project as a STEREO track. both of which seem to beat around the bush a bit, so to speak.

I just figured it’d be cool to be able to RIGHT CLICK on the event or track, and be able to convert the whole kit and caboodle to stereo.

not sure theres much need for that, but I run across it CONSTANTLY in my line of work.


No there isn’t.
There are ways to get stereo-ish, like curteye said, to get close, but no switch, no button.

Yes. Seconding metal4evr’s question. How to quickly make a mono track stereo so that you can use stereo insert efx. This happens all the time. I’ve taken to just always making stereo tracks from the start which seems a little wasteful when recording mono sources (80% of the things I record) just so I don’t have to deal with the converting later.


Also, I started THIS thread, which kinna deals with the same thing… but not exactly.

Solo the track
File / Export / Audio Mixdown: make sure “stereo” and “audio track” are selected.


Yes i know, but when you have a project that spans over an hour with a big track count, and lost of DSP, that takes ALOT of time. 15-20 minutes anyways. Not worth it.

The reason why there is no such feature in Cubase is because just about everybody uses aux sends for the above situation. There should be some articles on how to set up an aux send, and why it is useful, if you do a google search.

You can just [control] drag the mono audio to a new empty stereotrack. (Use [control] for not moving the file in time). Move your plugins to the new track by dragging them in the mixer, while displaying inserts, or create a mixerpreset of the old settings if you already had plugins and sends on it. When using Waves plugins for example create a preset in the plugin preset manager (not the cubase preset manager). Then recal the stereoversion of the plugin, and recal the preset.

To start mixing mono files from another studio on stereotracks;
You could create (or copy) a template with only stereotracks, fx returns, groups, and your master plugins, so already loaded with plugins and all… Then import (drag) the mono audio to NEW mono tracks (on the bottom of the arangement), then put all the files were you want them on the stereotracks, then delete the unused monotracks and start mixing…

A mono file will just play normaly on a stereotrack, it’s the plugins that are usualy different so you will always have to change those into stereoversions…

You can also move your mono plugins to the stereo-channel (loaded with a mono track), and insert a “mono to stereo” reverb or other effect after them, and from then on stereo effects in the chain.

You can record a mono wav file on a stereotrack just by selecting a mono ASIO input. The waveform and the file will be mono. So no need for mono tracks actualy…(I rarely use them).

Files from other studio’s often have “dual mono” stereotracks (stereo sounds on 2 mono tracks panned left-right) Those you will have to bounce to a stereo-interleaved file to be able to import them on a stereotrack. I have a “bouce” output set to 0dB routed to no ASIO output for that in my standard template.

Holy smoke dude! THAT was the answer that I was hoping to get and didn’t honestly think I would!! Thank you SO MUCH, u just simplified my life big time!! :slight_smile: