Montage finder window

Is anyone else having trouble seeing files in the standard ‘Insert Audio File’ menu when right clicking in the montage. It leads to a finder [at least in OSX 10.7.4] dialogue which stalls on showing the contents of a folder. I have to refresh or navigate away from that location and return to actually see the folders there refreshed…
Strange… Tedious… Almost unworkable for a long project ahead.

OSX 10.7.4
Mac Pro


I don’t understand what you mean. Maybe attach a screen shot.

When I control click inside the montage to add new files. The file selector browser stalls from refreshing. It shows all folders as empty with the loading icon spinning on the bottom left. I have to navigate away and back to show the files. It somehow refreshes only this way. This does not happen with any other app…

Sorry, I can’t reproduce this problem.

this montage/finder window issue only happens on Wavelab 7 and with no other program I use.