More accurate automation system

It’d be great to have an automation system that doesn’t sound different everytime we change the buffer size, and one that has correct delay compensation even in big projects :slight_smile: It’s an unsexy feature that will benefit everyone

It’s a way that Cubase lags strongly behind some other DAWs, like Pro Tools and Reaper especially. Needs to be fixed without a single doubt – it’s a major issue for anyone (i.e. everyone) i.e. who wants accurate automation.

It doesn’t help that it’s quite a hidden flaw
I myself was also hoping for some other fancy features, before I realized the other day that this serious problem still hasn’t been addressed (it’s not even in the feature request list!)
And arguably it’s the one feature that affects how your music will sound the most. An unsexy feature that’s very very important

Automation isn’t dependent on buffer size, unless you are using vst2 plugins. Or at least it is intended to not be dependent on buffer size. I’d suggest writing up the details of what you’ve found and report it as a bug.

Thanks for your suggestion, but according to my experience testing the software, and working in real projects, that’s not true.
Also, this is not entirely related, but in many cases I find that VST3 automation is not even as responsive as VST2 automation.

Your experience might indeed be different due to the automation implementation on the plugins’ side, but Glenn is right: sample accurate automation is a VST3 feature.
A few links that could help to clarify:

About VST3: (please see ‘New VST3 Features’)
Technical post, plugin development:
Generic, yet interesting post:

I’m automating Cubase delay plug in and it isn’t following correctly. Play track from start, automation isn’t right, skip back to a few bars before after it not being right, this pass it is right (or close enough to sound right). Edit, sometimes this is vice versa.

Surely this is VST3.