More bizarre buggy behavior

This one is trying to hear an audio file in the Pool… I’m getting a show-stopping error regarding editing the timeline in there, which is beyond ridiculous. Every day a struggle with inexplicable problems, probably need to rebuild preferences 4 times a day now.


Could you share the error exactly, please?

As Martin just suggested, and rather than whining about “show-stopping” issues and “preferences rebuilding need”, I think it would more useful to give us a clear reproduction process of the problem, as well as a minimal view of your setup.

Beside this, I’ve seen recently from you the same kind of post here : you didn’t even bother to answer to Martin. There is a name for this kind of behavior : trolling.

Sadly, you are not the only one who doesn’t even bother to, at least, give an acknowledgement of the different attempts from members to help, here : it’s one of the reasons why Steinberg forums have such a bad reputation outside, and the way you interact here clearly fuels it… :-1:


really, posting an issue is just trolling? That isn’t what the word means and that is far from collegial.
Frankly it’s precisely that attitude, seem endemic here to me, which has me not coming back. It’s a rant, yes, trolling is something else. Look it up. And this is the reputation, I’m not fueling anything, people post in the quality you just did, a lot: “rather than whining” is passing rude, and this forum is infamous accordingly. Check yourself. You could have had empathy for someone who’s clearly upset. but no, do correct my manners.

This one was the global problem of Cubase taking an operation which is not about editing the curve form in Key Editor lanes on a track set to Channel-Any as that. It was happening every operation and it’s an error message that won’t be dismissed and stays up several seconds. It happening every operation was a show-stopper. It happened in projects that had no Channel=Any. BTW, I had already taken out a support ticket, which was acknowledged as a ticket but nothing more.

I had a solution by this time which is very simple: I used 10.5 which doesn’t have the curve form in K…E. lanes. One day I came back to, I’d suppose a fresh installation of 11.0.0 and it wasn’t doing it.
I have no assumptions or notions as to why. It could have been only me afaik. But I was having an insane issue and nothing I did here was to exaggerate or amplify something trivial.