More rehearsal mark alignment options?

Is there a way for rehearsal marks at the start of a system to be aligned to the left of the first objects? For instance, the example in the engraving rules window would have the rehearsal mark to the left of the G# and the accent mark, and at the vertical position of the first option (or maybe a little higher to clear the key signature). Those current options are too far left and too high up for me, respectively.

I’d also love if rehearsal marks in the middle of a system could fit by forcing note spacing away from them horizontally rather than by moving themselves up vertically.

Thank you!

I’m not sure how we would automatically determine the placement you are asking for in the first case, as it wouldn’t actually fit there as you describe it. I’ve also never seen a published score in which the rehearsal mark is tucked so close to the staff that it becomes necessary to increase the rhythmic space at the start of the bar (which is not to say that it is never done, of course, but it’s surely uncommon). My personal feeling would be that in the trade-off between maximising the use of vertical and horizontal space efficiently, the trade-off of disturbing the rhythmic space in order to make the rehearsal mark appear closer to the staff, where it will also be more indistinct by virtue of being closer to the staff lines, isn’t a good one. I would be reluctant to add options for this.

Daniel, I shan’t bump as I know it irritates you, but given a vaguely-related thread has appeared here I’ll take the liberty of cross-posting - sorry if this is just as offensive.

Thanks for the engraving advice, Daniel, this is a very good point. I kind of hate when staves are spaced so differently from their neighbors, and the rehearsal marks stick out so much so as to almost appear like they could belong to the staff above (although of course rehearsal marks are never under a staff so that wouldn’t be something a player would actually be confused about), but you make a good point that I’ll take to heart and mind.