Motorised touch faders with new midi remote - How?

I have a presonus faderport and for the last few years used “Bome Midi translator” to use it with Cubase.
I had it set up so the fader controls quick controls slot 1. Worked fine (apart from whole setup hassle through BOME)

The new midi remote addition to Cubase 12 gave me hope that I can set it up easily directly in Cubase.
The good news is that I can set up a midi remote using the Presonus Faderport.
I set it up so that Faderport controls Quick Control Slot 1. However there are a few issues:

  • Cubase doesnt recognise the touch control. It only overwrites automation while I move the fader, not while touching it. I have Cubase set to “touch” mode. The Midi remote sees the touch message coming in and I tried to set the touch message to control QC slot 1 but still doesn’t work.

  • When playing back the motorised fader doesn’t react to the already recorded automation.

Is there a way to make this work? I’m sure Steinberg must have thought about touch sensitive motorised faders when they made the new midi remote


maybe this thread offers some help for you:

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