Mourning Dual-Panner

I always wondered why did Steinberg take away the Dual-Panner option in Cubase, leaving only the Combined Panner?

I really don´t like the combined panner workflow (or there is some trick that I´m missing), and would like to have the two separate panners for stereo tracks.

Today, I use a stereochannel free plugin for most of my work, but the question is:

Why did you anihilate the Dual-Panner?

Right click on the panner and change it.

It’s not possible to change it to something that doesn’t exist, though.

There are some old threads floating around if you search.

For example …

BTW… a tip: It’s possible to change the default behaviour of the panner setting in preferences. :bulb:

To specify the default stereo panner mode for new audio tracks, select File > Preferences > VST

I for myself use both panner and I like it how it is. I don´t need the old Dual panner (C5 times) as an extra option.
It´s great that I can adjust both sides in one go. A good and fast workflow.


basically as i remember dual panner and combined panner do the same “job” !
need to be used to the combiend panner at first’ but it has its own tricks" like cntrl+alt and drag the panner to adjust L+R the in same values etc…

If you prefer to have separate pan level controls in some cases…
I can recommend the Cubase onstock plugin “Mix6to2”, which is also easy to automate and has separate phase flips etc. - great plugin!

another was to adjust one stereo side: Mouse over + Mouse wheel…

And here´s a nice trick: Open a Large Panner!

there is a separate panning window in Cubase, which is much larger and even allows: presets!

Hi Guys, thanks so much and sorry for the delay to reply. I was not getting notifications from the forum.

For me, the Dual Panner is much better, I like the separate control of each input signal as opposed to “fighting” to find the right position with the combined panner. And it´s always kind of hard to get only one of the sides, when you restrict the opening to anything less than 100% you always take one side out of place when you want to adjust the other… it’s just me, though, I just don’t see the reason to remove that option from Cubase. It was very good in my point of view.

The Mix 6to2 option is awesome, I had never explored that one and will def give it a shot!

Thank you!