Mouse Buttons??

So I have a Logitech wireless mouse with a few extra buttons. I use two of them for copy/paste, and it works fine in all Windows7 applications.

Back when I used Cubase SX3, the buttons worked fine. But now that I’ve upgraded to Cubase 6, they do nothing. I’ve gone into the “Key Commands” menu (though I think it worked automatically in SX3) but when I try to assign any mouse buttons, nothing happens.

Any idea if there is a trick to this? What am I missing?

If it’s one of the newer Logitech mice, it should come with a program (or download from Logitech’s website) to allow you to bind keystrokes to mouse buttons.

Set these up and you’ll be sailing.

Yup, already done that. Works perfectly with every other application in Windows7. But nothing happens in Cubase 6…

Any thoughts?? This is really slowing down my workflow…

You said that you used it with an older version of Cubase?

Did you redirect the Logitech profile to the new Cubase .exe?

Yes, it worked without issue with Cubase SX3 on WindowsXP.

I’m not sure how to redirect the Logitech profile, as you are saying. I don’t see any way to to direct the Logitech profile to any program. You just set the buttons in the program and seems like all the programs instantly recognize it… except Cubase 6.5…

So I just bought a new mouse. Logitech M705 (Marathon Mouse).

I set the side buttons for copy/paste for all programs. Additionally, the new Logitech software allows to edit individual programs, so I added the Cubase.exe and set the buttons for copy/paste there too.

Still doesn’t work. Nothing happens.

Is this just an issue with Cubase 6.5? Or perhaps just the 64bit version?

I emailed Steinberg last week with no response.

Anyone ever have this issue?? :cry:

No one uses extra buttons on their mouse in Cubase 6.5 here?

I got a Razer Naga with a few (12+) extra keys, and it works great. Using them to control the locators (it’s essentially the numeric keypad on the side of the mouse).

What did you use to bind the commands to the buttons?

Did you get it to work?

I have the same problem. I use one of the sidebuttons on my mouse to return to zero and it worked just fine in cubase 6, but after upgrading to 6.5 nothing I do will make it work.

On my Naga? The buttons are literally either the number keys or the numeric keys. I do not need to map any of them.

I have the same problem with Cubase 9! Anyone knows how to solve that problem?

Unrelated perhaps but similar maybe. I had tried and true keyboard shortcuts flat out refuse to work in C6.5 on Snow Leopard. After years of using Cmd P to get to the pool, G and H to zoom in and out etc, suddenly would not work. For no reason. After a clean install of the OS (routine annual maintenance) and of my apps (Cubase included) everything suddenly worked. For whatever reason, who knows.

So maybe remove and reinstall Cubase now yu have the new Logitech driver installed, maybe Cubase will suddenly decide to behave itself. Can’t hurt and it won’t be the first time a clean install fixed something stupid.

Good luck