Mouse Position Error in Mixconsole

Hello, I have an issue I’m hoping this forum can help with, I have raised a ticket but no sign of any response.

Since upgrading Cubase Artist to 10.5.20, there is a mouse offset on opened windows, although not on the main project window. I first noticed it on the mixconsole window (F3), and the offset is approximately the size of a radio button. I can clear it by maximising and restoring the window. It’s a real pain because things I thought I had set aren’t set and I have to backtrack and basically waste time. I have since noticed it on all windows that are opened e.g. the audio connections window, same workaround applies.

I’m on Windows 10, system and drivers all up to date. Same problem exists if I just use the laptop display, so that eliminates the external monitor I usually use. Many thanks.

I have the same issue, did not notice it until recently, very annoying. A recent Windows update that is causing this perhaps? I’ll check the previous verion of Cubase 10 and see how that one behaves. Right now It’s just not really workable anymore.

When Cubase starts is seems to work okay, but after a while working with the mixer console the mouse position is off. (this is not funny anymore)
It does that too in Cubase 10.0.60, So when you close down the mixing console and open it again it is okay again for a while…, at least that is what I’m experiencing.

I’ve made a short movie, hope that someone will notice - it really is horrible user experience working with the mixing console at the moment - not at all “pro” I sincerely hope they will do better in Cubase 11. Cubase 10 has not been a nice experience so far. Funny thing is other Steinberg components (plugins like Halion etc) do not seem to have the issue.

movie has been recorded in Cubase 10.0.60, but Cubase 10.5 is at least as cumbersome in this regard.