Move Comped Regions to new track?

I comped a vocal using Lanes and the Comp Tool.

How do I create a track from this comp that is made up of the regions I selected but retains the regions, so I can still move cut points? In Logic, I can export comp to new track and it does this.

If this is not possible I would be fine duplicating this track, and then deleting all regions that don’t make up the comp, so I am left with no lanes and just the regions that made up the comp.

A separate quesiton. When you have comped with lanes, and then you record more takes, is it possible to have the new takes NOT become the selected region and wipe out the comping work you have already performed?

You can use Track Versions to do stuff like keep a the raw recordings prior to comping, or creating several alternative comps. And of course you can duplicate a Track and hide it for safe keeping. Once you’ve made your final comping choices it is a good idea to use Render In Place to create a new clean audio file of the comped results.

If I’m recording something with multiple takes, after recording I’ll usually make a New Version of the Track(s) based on the existing Version. Then I’ll work on this copied Version to do the comp. If the comp is confusing I might as an extra step make a 3rd Version and remove all the unused Audio - but I usually don’t. Last I’ll Render In Place to a new File & Track and hide the initial Track because I don’t need it anymore, but if I do it’s just a click away.

I’ll try playing with the track versions. I’m hoping if I save a track version of a comp, and record more takes, then those takes will show up as available on all the versions to include in the comp. This is how it works in Logic on Comp versions. In Logic, the new recording destroys the current comp just like in Cubase, but in Logic you can save comp versions, so I always use a dummy version for recording, and then switch back to other versions for the actually comp. But all recording take lanes are available for all versions.

I don’t really want to do render in place because that creates new audio files, and then you lose the before and after audio in the regions in case you want to slide the audio a bit in the regions.

What I want to do is where you say you remove the unused regions. I want to create a track with only the used regions in the comp. So is the only way in Cubase to do this manually? Like drag all the regions you are using in the various lanes to another track, or delete all the unused regions in the lanes? How do you go about this, do you just manually select all the regions you aren’t using in each lane, then delete them? Then move the regions you are using all to one lane? At this point, how do you get rid of he empty lanes and just make it a regular track?

I’ve only been using Cubase for 5 months and I love it. I"m never going back to Logic, but comping in Logic is the only thing I seriously miss. But I must be missing something in Cubase, it can’t be as hard as I described above.

Well yes and no - while on the rendered track you can’t further adjust the comp, you can still adjust it as much as you like on the source Track and then Render that again. You can do this over and over as much and as often as you like. Rendering does not prevent you from doing anything you could have done had you not Rendered.

Why, what does this let you achieve? To do that mostly involves a big bunch of busy-work that when completed provides little benefit beyond perhaps the Project’s visual aesthetics.

Personally I pretty much never have any reason to do this. If you do feel compelled to do this, you should explore the Project Logical Editor. There is also a command (not at DAW to be specific) that lets you convert Lanes into Tracks). But again the return on your investment in time for deleting the unused Audio ranges from low to zero.

In some situations laziness can be a virtue.

It sounds to me like you are making it more difficult by trying duplicate your Logic workflow but using Cubase tools instead of changing your workflow to match the tools offered in Cubase. Have you read the section in the manual on “Assembling a Perfect Take” if not you should.

Thank you, I still need to experiment with what you have told me regarding Track Versions, and the Logical Editor. I will figure out a workflow that works.

In my defense, this workflow was zero work for me before, because it was a single command in Logic. Export Comp, and you got all your regions to another track all auto crossfaded. And then I would archive my source comp disabled and hidden.

I figured out how to get rid of unused regions. The command Delete Overlaps deletes all regions not part of the comp, and puts all the regions of the comp onto lane 1. So that is cool and let’s me mimic my old workflow.

The only thing I haven’t figured out is how I can further record new takes without destroying the current working comp. Track Versions does not work here, because if you create a new track version to record, then those take lanes are not available to the Track Version I’m using for the comp. I even tried recording on a new track and dragging the regions into the Comp Track, but again that destroys the comp…

You can create a new Track Version that is brand new and empty or a new Version that is a copy of an existing Version on the Track. If Version 1 is your initial comp and Version 2 is a copy of that. Then you can record additional takes on Version 2 and integrate them into the Version 2 comp while still maintaining your comp in its initial state on Version 1. Track Versions are also quite useful to try out different comp possibilities.

I tried that and wasn’t able to integrate the new takes into the track version with the comp.

1.) Recorded Takes
2.) Comped
3.) Created New Track Version ( a copy of the Comp )
4.) Recorded new takes on this Track Version ( over writes comp )
5.) Switch back to original Track Version with Comp Intact, but new takes not visible on this Track Version.

So how do I get the new takes back into the original version with the comp without overwriting the comp?

P.S. I moved this issue into it’s own stand alone thread, since the title of this thread is not about this.

What exactly do you mean by “overwrites comp”?

It should just append additional Lanes on the the Track with the new Audio directly below the already recorded Audio and/or Comp Lanes.

Can you post some screenshots please?

Say you record 5 takes, and then you comp those takes, making various selections from each lane. If you then record a 6th take, you will lose all the selections you previously made, because the the 6th take is all selected.

Yes, at least while you record. I suppose they assume after recording a take most folks would want to give it a listen. But you can use the Comp Tool (or the Arrow equivalent) to undo this later selection. In the gif below it starts with an already existing Comp - I’ve colored the Audio Events used in the Comp purple just to make it more visible. Instead of recording I’m using the Pencil Tool to add 2 more Lanes of (blank) Audio. Just like when recording, as each is added it takes over the Comp. Then if I use the Comp Tool to click on the last Event (on Lane 13) then the previously used Event (Lane 12) becomes the Comp, and if I click on that Lane 12 Event then the previously used Events (aka my initial Comp) becomes the Comp again.

FYI there are 2 kinds of “select” that occur. One is the normal click on something & it gets selected. But the other is ‘selected’ as a component in the Comp. At the very end of the gif Lane 13’s Event is selected in the classic sense, while Events on Lanes 2 & 5 are included in the comp. It’s not initially obvious this is the case.

Oh thanks, that’s cool, the comp tool acts also to deselect the current comp region and get the previous comp back. So after recording again, use the comp tool to click backwards starting with the last recorded track to the next, and you will eventually get back to your comp.

Cool, thanks, that works!

Hi Strumm,

I have been trying to work out the logic ‘move active comp to new track’ command in Cubase for such a long time and never managed to find a work around until just now. It’s still clunky, but I’m sure someone could write a macro for it.

If you close the lanes on the respective track you’re working on, then click on the first region of that active comp, you can then hold down ‘shift±>’. This is the key command for ‘add right’ under the navigation section. You’re basically telling cubase to select the next event on the track, but by holding down shift, you add it into the selection you are making. If you hold down this command it simply runs to the end of the track and then stops as it runs out of regions/ events to select.

You can then drag just the highlighted regions onto a new track leaving your unused regions behind on the original track.

Game-changing comping discovery!