Move/Merge license accounts


I have a new MySteinberg account, let’s call it “NEW”.
I have an old MySteinberg account, let’s call it “OLD”. This is where I have my Cubase 7 eLicenser registered. The email address for this account no longer exists.
(I thought I’d lost the password to the OLD so I created the NEW, but then found the password, so I can access both)

I recently purchased an upgrade from Cubase 7 to Cubase 10.5. (Not yet used, just a license key waiting to be activated)

Of course, I’d like to have a working email address in my account, but as I made the mistake of registering the NEW account, I believe the system won’t let me change the address of the OLD account to that of the NEW account.

Can I transfer my Cubase 7 license from my OLD account to my NEW account?
If not, can I delete my NEW account permanently and change the email address of the OLD account? I’m afraid there will be database leftovers preventing re-using the email address…


you can do the transfer on your own: log in to the MySteinberg account with the registration (OLD), click on the eLicensers tab below the red buttons, click on the USB-eLicenser entry to expand the view, click on “Delete registration”.

Once the dongle is deleted from that account, you can register it to the new one.

Kind regards,

I can do that? Wow. I looked but didn’t see any obvious way, but I guess I missed that…
Why couldn’t they just tell me :confused:
Thanks for your reply Fabio.
I still need to fix my email since I changed the email on my new MySteinberg account to another email account which I never really use and then I couldn’t change it back because it said the address was already in use :I (by the same account? uh…)
That’s a minor issue though… I’ll try to move the license when I get home.

Once support gets back to you (they have an abnormal amount of enquiries right now, so it will take time…) you can ask to delete the old account with the now unusable mail address. That account will be empty by then anyways.

BTW, it’s not the same account to a database: two e-mail addresses means two accounts, as that is the only really unique data. A DB has no ways to ‘know’ it’s the same person as name and surname are not unique (mine is not for sure, I tell you :laughing:)

Hi Fabio,

I apparently cross-posted, but as I wrote in the other thread
I managed to move the license and change my email back to what it was before.

Thanks for your assistance!